Saturday, November 17, 2007


I've got my favourite singer's album!!!
Britney Spears-BLACKOUT~

I love the photos in her new album so much!!!!

*I did talk something bad about her new look but I still like her songs ..haha*

BUT............................I keep on wondering about something of her in this new album-her body figure~She looks slim in every 1st reaction to sis was:
'I think these photos were taken before she gave birth'
Such a silly me..haha...anyway she looks off the hook in those photos

Honestly,All her new songs in this album is nice!!!!!

I've bought the original cd k.....not pirated...
Sometimes we should support the original one la
my all time favourite
one of my favourite pic


I've got these new taste of Dentyne chewing gum while I was shopping this's nice!!!!!!!
Teeth whitening tool!!!!
Best kisser tool!!!!!
Fresh breathe~~~~~~~

I asked from that promoter the 2nd time for this chewing gum..haha...F.O.C!!!!!!!!
take more is better la..don't need to waste money to buy..haha

You should try it too!!!!!

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