Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fashionista: Nepal-ish Style

This time I go with a more outstanding style with my headband.
Matched with my mini Nepal-liked-vest.

I'm always a BIG fan of this style as it looks unique..hahah

I go with the GossipGirl-liked-headband as a mix and match.

What I wear:
White blouse: given by aunt
Vest : RM 5 (Stock clearance 2 for RM 10 at Inbase)
Denim Skirt : RM 20 (Chic Avenue)
Bag : RM 109.90 (Bought it with RM 30 with vouchers and discount at Vincci)
Necklace : RM 10 (Handmade by mum's friend)
Shoes: RM 35 (Charles & Keith)

Most of my outfits are cheap.That doesn't mean I'm cheapskate ok?
I'm a wise SHOPAHOLIC  consumer!

Fashionista: Sailor Blue with the RED

This time goes with blue and red!

BLUE and RED are always the best friends in COLOURS!

Side view

What I wear:
Dress : Given by aunt (MNG)
Bag : RM 45 (Online boutique)
Scarf : from other mini skirt
Shoes : RM 50 (Charles & Keith)
Necklace : RM 10 ( Parkson accessories)

Fashionista: Casual yet sheer

I wore this a lil' over-exposed top in the day by matching with a denim shorts.

Just to give myself more excuse and 'useful' way to wear it not only at night but also in the day!

What I Wear:
Low cut top: RM 7 (F.O.S)
Denim shorts: RM 6 (F.O.S)
Shoes: RM 35   ( Charles & Keith)
Bag : RM 20 (used for my previous outfit)

It might looks over-exposed but match it with a casual accessories and outfit always goes the right way!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Fashionista: Mix and Match

Nowadays, my blog is about WHAT I WEAR.
yeah....Fashion strikes me once again.
I'm trying to mix and match my old clothes wisely instead of leaving them in my wardrobe growing mushroomssssssss.

The RED fitting dress from MNG that I wore really caught people's attention!
Even the sales girls in the boutique kept looking at me.WTF?!
So sua gu!

More to my own BLING BLING style.

gold gladiator

turquoise blue necklace

wine red manicure and Pakistan style sling bag
What I wear:
Red dress: RM 60++ (MNG)
Cowboy vest:RM 20 (Bling Bling Boutique,KK,Sabah)
Necklace: RM 10 (1 Borneo,Sabah)
Bag: RM 20 ( Centre point, Sabah)
Shoes: RM35 (Charles & Keith-Sales season)

Friday, December 03, 2010

I'm Handsome as a Lady

I'm half-bald,I'm half-boyish!

Am really satisfied with my new hairstyle.
I just asked my hairstylist to do whatever he wanted with my hair.
Because I TOTALLY trust him!
The one and only MEGLIO!

Boyish lady with feminine dress up.

Match my black and white polka dots tube top with this bling bling handmade beads bag from Pakistan.
It's only RM20!!! 
Ok,I bargained to get this price..haha

And of course not to forget about my GUESS clog-like-heels!

I will have totally bald head one day!