Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fashionista: Nepal-ish Style

This time I go with a more outstanding style with my headband.
Matched with my mini Nepal-liked-vest.

I'm always a BIG fan of this style as it looks unique..hahah

I go with the GossipGirl-liked-headband as a mix and match.

What I wear:
White blouse: given by aunt
Vest : RM 5 (Stock clearance 2 for RM 10 at Inbase)
Denim Skirt : RM 20 (Chic Avenue)
Bag : RM 109.90 (Bought it with RM 30 with vouchers and discount at Vincci)
Necklace : RM 10 (Handmade by mum's friend)
Shoes: RM 35 (Charles & Keith)

Most of my outfits are cheap.That doesn't mean I'm cheapskate ok?
I'm a wise SHOPAHOLIC  consumer!

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