Thursday, October 28, 2010

My 22nd Birthday Surprises!

I'm one year older now!
22 to be exact!

I totally had an awesome birthday for my 22nd in Sabah so as my Uni life.

A big SURPRISE from my girls once the clock stroke 12 last night.
I was so into you-tubing just a few mins before my bday.
I couldn't even realise that 5 of them were just behind of me in my room as I was so used to that my roommate went out to the washroom.
All of a sudden, the voice of Birthday song came behind of me.
I was totally stunt and super SURPRISED!
Tear of joy, of course!
They recorded the moment!!!! GOSH!!!!!!!!

Received a surprise call from someone just after few mins of my 1st surprise.
The call was another surprise for me too.
Someone whom I've never expected to call and wished me.

Had lunch with Jon and Hilda this noon as my birthday celebration @ Upperstar!
It feels so good to be a birthday girl!
Dinner with the usual gang of 12 ppl at Sunny Curry Fish head.
The boss is a saint,Totally!
I asked him if they still have the dessert and I was told by a lady that it's sold out.
Then the boss made the dessert on the spot just for us!
He is a generous boss!
We even had freshly cooked vege as our side dishes!!!!!
The place is like a food heaven!

I was given another surprised when I reached campus.
Hilda passed me a present as I never expected it at all.


Tada....Awesome one! Super happy to the max lor.........

An old friend posted something which is so meaningful and it reminds me of our memory in secondary school......

let me translate:

" My dear best ji mui, it's your birthday today.Still remember when we met each other for the 1st time in year 2001,you just moved back from JB to Malacca.Since then, we've become best friends, we get to know each other's family,we went to tuition together, we shopped for clothes together,and even bullied the people in our school.hahahahha. This friendship full of happiness,the others would envy us. Being your best ji mui is my honored.But it's something that you're proud of too.hahahha...I have brought laughter to Venus and Mei.hahah.....Looking forward you to come back and share lots of stories with you." 

I'm touched.
Friends are always the ones who cheer you up!

Thanks guys and gils for the surprises and celebration.
Thanks to my dear jimui for the wishes.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The life of The Dusun in Sabah

As a Malaccan from West Malaysia, it's hardly that I get in touch with the locals in Sabah.

I'm glad that I have the oppurtunity to capture the HEART of the Dusun at the highest and coldest Dusun village in Kundasang.

When the spring has come.........

The little boy who likes to play with flower. It's hard to get a shot of him...
Love this pic as it's the only time he looked at me!

The bond of father and daughter in the morning breeze....

A father who never leaves his child walking with bare foot on the path...

I was walking to the host's house after I took the pic of the two beautiful girls and the little boys kept calling "Kakak, kakak"

I turned back and ask them "Mau ambil gambar?(You wana take pic too?)"
And the boy in orange nodded his head...
It was a precious experience to have the kids calling you for a pic....
They were happy to see the photos when I reviewed it to them.

I was touched by them and am still touched .
They are leading a simple life in a small village.

Photos were taken at Mesilou Atamis Homestay,Kundasang.

The smile of the beautiful, young hearted girls

This photo was taken at Mesilou Atamis Homestay Village in Kundasang. It is situated in Sabah and it's a Dusun village.
There are happy-go-lucky Dusun kids who just love to take photos.

I was amazed by the simple life of the Dusun and the little girls who spend their Saturday morning in the morning breeze.....

Monday, October 11, 2010

I do have an older sis too,ok?

She's the one who makes me feel the love of being loved by a BIG sis.

We finally met after 10 yrs..............

When I was in primary one,she's the one who took care of me as a younger sister.
She would help me to take my super HEAVY school bag from the school hall to my class room.
I was happy to see her every morning in school especially when she waited for me.

I always asked my parents to buy an extra piece of cake for her whenever my parents brought me to the bakery the night before schooling day.
She's always in my mind whenever I wanted to get something for myself.

And finally,I've got to meet her.
Not in my 2nd hometown-JB but in Kota Kinabalu,Sabah!
I was so looking forward to meet her when she told me that she's coming to KK!

Oh ya,here's a little story about how I found her after so many years.
It was so random that I started to type her full name in Facebook.
I found the name but there're so many users in Facebook with the same name.
So I just click the top search and sent her a message in FB.
And it's HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Super excited to the max!

She's still the same ol' her.
Bubbly, pretty and kinda crazy as before.
No changes at all.Except that she's engaged!
Am happy for her.

Even though the time we spent together in KK was short but it's the best thing ever!

With lots of love,