Monday, February 25, 2008

Leaving~ :(

My flight is on tomorrow afternoon and I'll be leaving in 19 hours from now onwards!

It's a good opportunity for me to learn new things in a place which is a 'stranger' for me but during the time without me here,I'm gonna miss my dearly friends so much.More over,many things happened recently and this has made me more worried about them.

I rang Cherlin this noon and she did make me cried on the phone.I couldn't believe that a caring and understanding girl who always goes through thick and thin with us having a problem which she's kept for quite long.Now I've realised that no one really knows what she's going through in her sadness.Maybe I've made her worried so much about me until I've neglected her problems.Everything that is happening doesn't make me feel things right in life right now!

When she said that I'll be leaving tomorrow,her grief voice really made me sad.I just didn't know what to say to her when she said that.Whatever it is,she's made my life better than before.Not only better but much much much much better.

I'm gonna miss her and Jaz and Suki so much !!!!!!!!!!Will see you guys soon!!!!!

lots of lovexxxxxxxx

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Relaxing holiday in JB!!!!!

It's a hectic day for me to travel on the 6th day of chinese new year as I woke up early in the morning and traveled to KL meet an old friend.Later then,I traveled together with her family back to JB.My body ache like hell as it's a long journey to travel from KL to JB.However,the talkative one(of cuz my friend la) wasn't tired of talking during the whole journey..haha.......

It was noon when we reached JB and the 1st thing that we did was 'makan' la.....her dad brought us to his friend's place to eat the hoke chiew fried mee .Honestly,it was the 1st time that I ate hoke chiew mee as I never like noodles at all!!!!haha......

When his dad's friend carried his daughter to us,I was so jealous about her eye lashes!!!!!!!!

she's long n curly eye lashes.I'm jealous!!!

Later at night,we went for chinese new year visiting at wei harn's relative place.The kids there lagi GERAM especially the youngest one.He has a burger looked face...haha...damn cute sial!!!!!
Harn and I were like their baby-sitters once we reached there as the kids sticked with us like SUPER-GLUE!!!!!!I did have fun there!

the burger-looked baby

cute siblings

she sticked with me like super-glue
she loves to take photos!
another one!

harn and I-the so-called baby-sitters

On the following day,our day was free and easy activities!NOT SHOPPING anymore!!!!!!!!
Therefore,we've gone to Danga Bay to spend our fruitful time!!!!!

the cam-whorer
on the way...
I don't know why did I took this pic
the memory

After walking for an hour around the place,we've decided to take a ride on the tricycle as we have NEVER tried before!It's gonna be fun!!!!

before the tricycle

However,once we sat on the tricycle,we couldn't really balance ourselves as it's a 3 sitters bicycle.It's not easy though!!!!!!

Anyway,cycling the tricycle did need alot of our energy and effort to cycle it as it's heavy!!!!!!!
It's so tiring!!!!!!!!!!BUT it's fun!!!!!!!
half way through~
resting and take some pics...haha
finally,i've got to be at the centre but still tiring as she didn't really cycle at all!!!!
the ride

the 3 of us by the bay

At night,harn's mum had cooked a nice and delicious dinner for us as I accidentally promised Ah Boon to have dinner together but have forgotten that we(harn and I) got to stay for dinner at home.So,the easiest way was ajak all of them to to harn's house.The dishes were damn delicious but i was so unlucky to taste all the dishes as Harn and I were the last ones to eat!!!!!PITY US!!!!

my request to take his pic
planning to edit his pic n post it in pornography...haha

The last day~the sadness~I've got to leave!!!!!!

I'm ready!!!!
last pic with her before we're apart~:(

Gonna see you guys soon~
xxxxxxxx with lots of love xxxxxxxxxx

Monday, February 11, 2008


Here are the photos during chinese new year!

1st day
As usual,the 1st day of chinese new year is the the day I become a maid..haha.....

the early in the morning picture of me

with my pretty couz
my smart smart couz
the hyper-active one

Josh wants the lion dance to come every chinese new year and it's his favourite!So what to do????For sure dad always fulfill his wish!!!!

she's has beautiful eyes!

On the night of the 1st day of chinese new year,our gang've planned to club till we drop!haha....guess what???We did club till we drop cuz of alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just love her
the office ladies
jaz n jo
she just kept on asking ppl to drink the whole night!!!

2nd day of CNY
mademoiselle cam-whore session
jo n aaron
cousins potrait
the jo family
sis n bro

family pic

Later then,we've gone to Sepang to attend grandaunt's birthday dinner.

sis n couz
lovely couple.....

she just likes to disturb her bro
josh's expression when he didnt get to eat ...hungry~~~

the cake
mum n I with grandaunt and granduncle


my niece~~~~she's pretty n adorable
the baby with her mummy
Charlotte and jo...the 1st pic together

jo n hong

singing birthday song~
cutting the cake session

After cutting the cake,here came the photographing session.

It was late night and it's time for us to start our journey back home~MISS U GUYS!!!!!!!!

3rd day of CNY

Gathering with my 1st high school old friends !We do this on the 3rd day of cny every year..hehe..
angeline n ivain
jo,angeline and ivain
the 4 best friends in high school
jo n ivain