Monday, February 25, 2008

Leaving~ :(

My flight is on tomorrow afternoon and I'll be leaving in 19 hours from now onwards!

It's a good opportunity for me to learn new things in a place which is a 'stranger' for me but during the time without me here,I'm gonna miss my dearly friends so much.More over,many things happened recently and this has made me more worried about them.

I rang Cherlin this noon and she did make me cried on the phone.I couldn't believe that a caring and understanding girl who always goes through thick and thin with us having a problem which she's kept for quite long.Now I've realised that no one really knows what she's going through in her sadness.Maybe I've made her worried so much about me until I've neglected her problems.Everything that is happening doesn't make me feel things right in life right now!

When she said that I'll be leaving tomorrow,her grief voice really made me sad.I just didn't know what to say to her when she said that.Whatever it is,she's made my life better than before.Not only better but much much much much better.

I'm gonna miss her and Jaz and Suki so much !!!!!!!!!!Will see you guys soon!!!!!

lots of lovexxxxxxxx

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