Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New place,different living style~SARAWAK

I'm in Sarawak now!!!!!!!!!!

Counting down from the 1st day I reached here,it's been almost 9 days that I'm here!!!!!!The days passed by like a tortoise as I'm gonna be here for 17 days!!!!OMG!!!!!!!It's a new place for me though as this is the 1st time that I come here.

Kuching~A nice place...............that's what everyone's kept on saying to me before I left my home sweet home.......But I've never thought that I would miss my lil' bro so much!!!!!!!!!!!!My FATTY BUM BUM JOSH!!!!!!

Besides being at a 'stranger's' place,I'm here with 2 other guys and I'm the only girl.And ya,everyone around me kept on asking me whether I was sure to be here as I'm gonna be here with 2 guys while I'm the only girl here.That's for sure~this is what I answered them.No big deal what!!!!!!I come here to work and try to learn new things from them so what's wrong ?!?!?!

Now let me talk about the food here~
*Salad chicken rice-the local food in Kuching as I can see every place selling the same thing.Even chicken rice is in the list too!!!OMG!!!!!!!During the 1st few days we were here,we had chicken rice for our breakfast,lunch and dinner.It's almost uncountable!!!!Haha.......

*Kolo mee-the local mee here as it's almost the same as the 'wan tan mee' in east m'sia.But the mee here is different as it's more curly .haha...Besides that,they add the 'char siew' sauce in the mee to make it tasty.Honestly,I never like me and today is the 2nd time that I had this mee as a guy ordered for me without my permission.Anyway,it's nicer than the 1st time I ate it at some other place.

*Peppermint herbal tea-whenever we order herbal tea,the 1st thing the waitress would say is 'we only have peppermint herbal tea'.It's popular here and I've never found it in malacca at all.But one thing is,the 1st time I drank it was like cough syrup!!!!!!!haha......

Last but not least,I'm not sure whether they don't have ladies night here or the night life here is quiet during weekdays because I NEVER GET TO CLUB SINCE THE DAY I CAME!!!!!!Except drinking with the guys......argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This all that I'm gonna post right now and it's the end as I'm sitting in a cyber cafe and not my own home...haha......

I miss the food and people in malacca so much especially clubbing life !!!!!

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