Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Prank! *___*

I just can't STOP laughing after the PRANK !
{since JJ & Rudy can't get to PRANK you as you said}
Call me 'Sifu' ,ok???

Anyways,here's a give for u!!!
*I mean the graphic pic lah...*

With lots of love,

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The soon-to-be BANKRUPTCY not a girl not yet a woman!

There's nowhere I can be except Starbucks nowadays until I finish my last paper on next Wednesday.

Wana look for me?
It's as easy as ABC.Come to 1 Borneo Starbucks..haha....

I have to sacrifice my sleeping time and wake up early to study everyday.
Gosh!I miss sleeping til noon.

I'm gonna declare myself BANKRUPTCY before I get to go back to Malacca because I've spent alot in Starbucks.Not only drinks BUT food too!
Wait a minute,the food is for my Breakfast and lunch and maybe dinner,sometimes.

I've uploaded some non-sense cam-whore pics for my drinks and food in this week so that I can miss them when I really go BANKRUPTCY!!!

Monday meal~
Wednesday meal~

Gotta ciaoz and face to my Accounting book.
Kinda lazy to flip over it!!!
Whatever it is,gonna make it my BIATCH!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick update!

Finally I'm done with a friend's assignment!
It's just an easy job....editing pics!!!

Time flies........................................
I'll be going back next week!!!!
I'm worrying that I can't stand the weather in Malacca.
Mum ,dad and sis are sick EXCEPT the fatty bom bom Josh!
He's so eager to fall sick he can skip school.
At least the weather here is better than Malacca cuz it's windy here even though it's hot!
Friends keep saying that the sun is burning their skin but I don't think so..haha...
They use an umbrella once they step out of the house but I never.
First ,I'm lazy!
Secondly,I'm used to it,I mean the hot sun!
Thirdly,I'm lazy and lazy and lazy!

Gonna get a haircut when I'm back and a new hair colour!
My hairstylist keeps asking me to curl my hair
and the only answer I could give him is:'I'm way too lazy to manage my hair!'
I've done it once so I don't think I'll do it another time.

I need rest when I'm back!
Miss the food in Malacca!
Shop till I drop for clothes!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Excitement......Miss my Babe!

I've got the book that I wanted!
I'm damn excited!
My uncle called and told me that he's found the book!
I've asked all the bookstores in Sabah but to no avail because the way the locals here do something is superb duperb SLOW!
Helo!!!!!!We're not in the old days anymore where you can take your old sweet time to do something.
One word-HOPELESS!

Besides that,he lectured me about my Facebook!
Just because the title include Sisha then he thought I was the one who smoke it!
I'm innocent!!!!!
It wasn't me though but the Bollywood future lawyer who was the one sticked with it the whole night!
Anyway I'm used to his lecture!
I should thank him as he's got me the book in less than a week!
I'm DYING to read it when I'm back!

My STARBUCKS plan was 'ruined' by me again because I CAN REALLY SLEEP!
Supposed to sleep AGAIN at 6 pm just now even though I woke up at 2 in the noon today but got a call my my dearest one.
We gossiped again!
It's been quite a long time since we didn't talk on the phone(maybe just few days only).
Miss ya babe!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stress leads to waste of money!

Today,I shopped again!
Woke up in the noon and couldn't think of what to eat so hit the mall again!
I bought a dress!
I love flowery clothes !
It looks so sweet!
ok.I'm not trying to be sweet cuz I know I can't be one. LOL~

I've spent about an hour at Pizza Hut to wait for my food.
First,I ordered Spanish Seafood as I always do.
On the first bite,I'm very sure that there's no lime dressing!!!!!
I'm not choosy but I just hate it when there's something spoilt my favorite food!!!!
Then,I changed it to another choice.
Wait again~~~~~
While waiting,thought of calling someone!
It's been a while since we talked cuz we're too busy with finals!!!!!
Cherlin was asking me if I've packed my stuff and I thought I'm the earliest one to do it as there's still 2 weeks to go.
Guess what???She's done packing even though I'll be flying back in the morning while she'll be going back in the noon!

After a whole day shopping,I came back and packed my stuff AGAIN!!!
It's something with no ending as half of the living room is my stuff!!!!
My house mate was kinda wondering why the hell I packed my stuff so early as she'll be going back earlier than me and she hasn't packed anything yet....haha....
Way to go..................................................................

I really can't wait to go back!!!!!!
Gonna have a Shepherd's Pie days......
Haha...I know my cousins and aunties and uncles gonna love it!!!!!!
I'll bake pies for you guys when I'm back!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

..............lil' Josh

3 down 4 more to go!
Finally I've finished the most difficult subject on today-Financial Management.
But I'm still worrying about Accounting...The killer subject!
I've been studying non-stop since few weeks ago and always spend the whole midnight with my books!
I'm really tired.
So,I'm not gonna do any revision for the next paper tonight.
Movies to the BLAST!!!

One of my friends talked about my malay traditional dressing this noon right after the exam.
She said that I have many Baju kurung~sssssss cuz often sees me wear it..haha...
Honestly,I have many of it!!!!!

It's been a while since I blogged about lil' Josh..hehe..
stole some pics from sis's blog...ala....
Moreover she dedicated this post to me cuz I kept bugging her..haha

His new trademark expression!
His old Alonso's expression!
The cute side of him~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I missed out the appreciation lunch at Manhattan Fish Market this noon because I preferred to sleep than eat!
My 'absence' led to many sms~es poured into my inbox!
When I was told about the venue last night,I kinda hesitated to join them for lunch because I don't really like FISH!
Moreover,my bed time is superbly upside down!
My house mates woke up at 7 am but I sleep at 7 am.COOL!

Woke up at 2 in the noon then had my lunch,sticked to econs book then went to SLEEP again until 9 pm!
I really can sleep mann!!!

Lil' Josh gave me a called this noon and it's kinda funny.
The call from him was just to inform me that he's gained weight!
That's all,then he put down the phone.
Later that when I was on the phone with mum,she told me Josh went for the weight thingy after his fast-food lunch!!!!

I got to ciao now....
Supposed to study but had to help a friend to do some online course registration thingy .
Gonna spend the whole midnight with my coffee~


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Current situation:Craving for food~

Woke up an hour ago....
I need to fix my bedtime as it's upside down!
5pm- 9 pm is my regular bedtime for now..haha...
Mum's like 'Are you ok ?'
I don't know what the heck is wrong with me now....
Too stress I think...
Have sleepless night...oops..supposed to be morning ..

Spanish paper was ok,
at least I've got to answer all the questions.
Some confusion for few questions.
Went for a jog this morning to make sure that I wouldn't be sleepy during my paper.

Today is awesome mann.
I've become a listener for my friends' problem.
Not one but 2..haha...
One is under a after break-up situation,
another one has just quit from his sux job.
I'm always there for u guys.

Sometimes I wonder why are there guys being such a jerk?!
He wanted a patch-up and the reason for patching up is way too
Whoever has benefits for him,he'll be a cheapskate and go with the girl!
A liar as him can never tell the truth but makes things worse.
I know you do say the same thing to the one who love you so much too.
I'm fallen out of love with you.
It's useless for saying that to me !
The few secs conversation with you last night really made me think that what you told me was ridiculous!
You just think,will I ever give up everything because of you?!
There's no such thing in my dictionary!

My honey Minyin called me just now.
Guess what?
Yeanyeon was showing off that she's having tequila....
Ass hole!!!!!!!
But I wasn't seduced by her cuz I'm way too hungry and more over I only drink tequila with my partner!!!!!haha....

Ciaoz for my dinner and spend the whole midnight with my books!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I stole some nice pics from my uncle's Faccie.Haha....
He's too young for me to call him 'Uncle'.
We drink together,club together and he likes to show off his Michael Jackson's moves...haha.......

I love this pic...
Me,the spoiler..haha
The working team~I'm part of them too even though I've resigned!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm superb duperb DARN today!
People having study week and have their sweet time to prepare for finals BUT my Spanish oral test is on today!WTH?!
I was so worried since yesterday and couldn't have a good night sleep.:(
My brain stopped functioning during the oral session.I'm not the only friends were the same too.
I felt so stress and wanted to call someone but was thinking that maybe he had another midnight fishing session and a boat ride again and still sleeping..haha......
Therefore,I've decided to shop!
*it's not supposed to be in my list today*

My first stop----Coffee @ Starbucks!
It really worked to release my stress !!!
Next mission-----Shop for stuff that I love!
At least I've got my favourite Nepal style skirt and a top from MNG!
Better not to shop for too many things because I can't bring all back...

Still thinking when should I start packing my stuff cuz will be moving to another house start from next sem!
I have lots of stuff!!!!!!!

Can't wait to go home and get my surprise!!!!!!!!

Sometimes there's no turning back for what you've let go~
Don't try so's useless!
You're just someone hopeless to me now.

Was surprised that someone accepted my request on Facebook.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm supposed to start my revision at this hour but I have no mood.I study depends on my mood..haha....
My trend-start to study at 12 am sharp!
Ok,I know it's the hour for 'zombies' to start their activity but that's me .
I love doing studies thingy in the middle of the night.:)

Right now,I'm searching info about the DSLR,blogging,facebooking and downloading Miami Ink.
I can watch it over and over again!!!haha....
Tattoo maniac!

Miss lil' Josh so much!!!!!haha...
he always makes me laugh everytime I call him.

Gonna shop for loads of stuff before I go back to Malacca.

Missed out a friend's 21st birthday party in Malaca today.
This is the consequence for studying at 'overseas'.*my friends and cousins said it*
Happy birthday in advance!
Your 'special' birthday present will be flying all the back from Sabah.
You're gonna love this superb expensive branded thing!

Oh ya,the moon was so round and bright last night with the stars...
Someone saw the moon with me at the same time but not the stars...haha...
You see,Sabah is better than Malacca too!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A 19 hours of sleep!!!!!!
I just couldn't believe that I've done it!OMG!!!

Got home at 3 in the noon yesterday and straight headed to catch a nap but I just didn't expect that I could sleep till the next morning!
My mood was down after felt disappointed by my accounting result.
However,I've got a good start for yesterday morning even though I was suffering on the night before to RE-DO some members' work for the presentation!
Compliments from my lecturer about the Entrepreneurship presentation and he said luckily I've saved the situation!
Moreover,he suggested me to join the Toastmaster club.:)
The real situation about the presentation was I only found out what did I really have to present just 20 mins before the presentation!Cool ya!!!haha...
Me myself also couldn't believe it!
Anyway,I just did the presentation as the way I always do it.


Talked to mum this morning about my result and I was so worried that I kinda let her down but she encouraged me alot for that and kept telling me to try my best as I have no basic for Accounting.
Thanks Mum!

And thanks dear Jaiio for the advice!

My sincere best wish for a friend who's going for his scholarship interview tomorrow.
Don't worry!
I'll keep you in my prayer always!
Bueno Suerte!

Tsunami ???

I've been receiving a 'weird' mail these few days.


I known it's kinda ridiculous but guess what?
Then following the others......

Here's the msg:

Below is the content on the message:

“Hello there. I just wanted 2 let you know that please stay away from the beaches all around in the month of July. There is a prediction that there will be another tsunami hitting on July 22nd. It is also when there will be sun eclipse. Predicted that it is going 2 be really bad and countries like Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), Singapore, Maldives, Australia, Mauritius, Si Lanka, India, Indonesia, Philippines are going 2 be badly hit. Please try and stay away from the beaches in July. Better 2 be safe than sorry. Please pass the word around. Please also pray for all beings.”

Thanks and have a nice day.

Bless you~

My place -Sabah has the biggest possibility to 'experience' Tsunami!
Moreover,my School of Business & Econs is just beside the SEA!!!
My campus is also the same too!!!

Just hope it's unreal!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Thanks for the PRANK call!

Living my life with my own home-made espresso!
But the coffee bean from Starbucks,of course!

My bedtime is upside down....
Sleep at 3am or 4 am everyday..haha

Maybe I'll try ice-cream+tequila shot+espresso someday!!!!

Gonna stick with my books until midnight!

The creative ones have one of a kind design!

As I've promised,this post is to promote about a friend's blog.
A group of them is working hard for their project and design their own tote bags.
Feel free visit the link.

They have online purchase too!

Warning:Some 'uncensored' design of the tote bag..haha

BTW,they're currently doing their business for project purpose in Jonker Walk,Malacca!

The 'funeral' look-alike dinner~

Ok,I hope this is the last dinner for me to attend in this sem.
*Someone will knock my head for saying that*

This time,I've got to have a table with my friends and have a proper dinner.

Cuz I was starving the whole night for my course dinner..
Emcee ma..had to sacrifice lo....

I was like a berserk an hour before departing to the hotel...
Ran to few friends' house to get STUFF!!!!! eyeshadow brush,blush,lipgloss and blah blah blah......
And one of them borrowed stuff from me least I have preparation....

*she needs it just in case no guys send a warm hug when she's cold*haha...just joking.....

Kinda lots of my self-obsession cam-whore pixies..hehe:)

While waiting~~~~
Jo n soon ping.....
The more formal look one..haha
Then...we started to get obsess with this's way too comfortable!!!!
I made it as my own house..haha
The close ones~

When we were registering at the counter,I just couldn't stop myself for peeking the deco of the ballroom..


I started to be a complaint queen because the deco was like 'hell ya'!!!

It's more to western funeral style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here it is...looks gloomy!!!!!!!

just sticked with the girls the whole guys fancy me..haha
another cam-whore....while reading newspaper at the lobby...I keep myself update to the world outside even I was at a dinner.....

Table 13th!!!
It's supposed to be bad luck but guess what???
The grand prize of 2 days and one night complimentary stay lucky draw prize was taken away by our table!!!!
We have 2 winners for the lucky draw of the night!!!
Davina,jun,jo,karen and jiaxin
Jo and sharon....the future pretty teacher!!!!

The air-con in the ballroom was way too FREEZING!!!!
To keep my self warm,a candle light is better..hahah
I know it's nonsense!!!!
This perfect back and white is totally funeral atmosphere!
The dish...dislike the deco of the dish!!!
I know I complaint alot!!!!!
The fish fillet~
The part-time waitress.....sharon said I looked after of everyone so well during the dinner ..haha..i always do...
My request to ask for a nicer pic..haha
it's time to cam-whore in the ladies~

Karen and jo..see..she's skinnier than me so PLEASE don't say that I'm skinny!!!!!
Last pic b4 leaving..I always like to do that....haha

The journey back home was long.
Slept with my books after the dinner~

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Finals gonna start in 2 weeks time~
And I've started to prepare for it..heheh......
Accounting and financial management stress me up!!!!!!!

In one more month then I'll be back to my beloved home!
Gonna have a nice holiday!!!!!

List to do:
*Renew my passport-gonna be away again!
*Get a DSLR-still surveying
*Go for a holiday!
*Attend a friend's graphic design exhibiton in KL
*Have as many drinking sessions as I can with the gang
*Treat lil' josh a nice birthday celebration.
*Again treat my couz a meal cuz I lost in the bet with her..haha..2nd time!!!
*Get a new tatt!!!!!
*Be josh's teacher...haha...prepare for his mid-term exam!

I know there's still more to go but I can't remember it..hehe......

Gonna enjoy my holiday to the max!!!!
See you ppl soon!

A day of Starbucking~my energy booster!

I've been craving for coffee since last week and couldn't get to spare some time to have a nice coffee at Starbucks..:(

So,after class on Thursday I straight headed to Starbucks and my friends were wondering why did I go in such a rush...haha....

I smelt coffee during class!!!!!!!!

Couldn't ask for anything else but an Iced Vanilla Latte added with espresso shot!!!!!
I'm stress to the max and need some time alone.........

Once I've got the usual seat ,the connection was down!
So,I entertain myself with drama and cam-whore..haha

a coffee and lil' josh's wallpaper for my lappie!!!
I look nerd,I look worse and I look pale!

Before leaving,I've bought myself a packet of coffee bean!!!!:)
My energy booster!!!!
See....I've renewed my passport!!!!!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Once in a while...the tagging ~

Attached or single? Single & mingle!!!!*'m lovin' it*

B. Best friend? Those who always stand by me!!!!

C. Cake or pie? Cakes~my favourite!!!!!!

D. Day of choice? Depends on my mood...haha

E. Essential item? my phone!!!!!!

F. Favorite color? Pink of course~

G. Gummy bears or worms?I love gummy bears!

H. Hometown? malacca...childhood moment in JB~

I. Favorite indulgence? Strawberries!!!!!!!

J. January or July? Jan!!!!!

K. Kids? I love them!

L. Life isn't complete without? friends,family,adventurous stuff and of course $$$$!!!!

M. Marriage date? Never think of it at all

N. Number of magazine subscriptions? none!!!only get a copy when i feel like it...

O. Oranges or apples? Apples!!!!!

P. Phobias? loads~

Q. Quotes? Everything is unexpected in life!

R. Reasons to smile? When I'm with someone who makes me smile~

S. Season of choice? summer!got to go for sun bath!!!!!

T. Tag 5 people. ...Wheat,Jolene,Sis,Nana and aaron!

U. Unknown fact about me? haha...hw would i know???it's unknown wat!!!!

V. Vegetable? Sometimes I like green sometimes I don't!

W. Worst habit? keep saying no money to my friends..haha

X. X-ray or ultrasound? Have gone thru both of themm..haha...

Y. Your favorite foods? of course food la....

Zodiac sign? Scorpio!!I sting!!!


next tag....another set...hehe

- have to come up with 7 interesting or random facts about yourself and then tag 7 other people to do the same.

1. i don't know to use a fake lash
2. crave for alcohol and coffee!!!!
3. hardworking layan Jaiio with nonsense!!!haha
4. Miss Josh 24/7 and he makes me smile all the time!!!
5. Shop like crazy when I'm stress!!!
6. Have a new habit -gossip with the girls in the middle of the road late night..haha
7. Cakes!!!!

Update:The 'holiday'!!!!

Went to the island with Mlc gang early in the least this is the first time I've got to spend my free day with some activities instead of meetings,assignments and blah blah blah.

We went to 2 islands!!!!!!!!!!!

our tour guide
jo n krishan~

The singles for the day~

mamutik island~
jo and arif

The scuba-doo
Here's much much nicer than mamutik island
The arrival @ pulau manukan

The Jesselton port
My hair was 'TANGLED' up!!!!!!

It's time for dinner!!!
Got home at 4pm and had a nap until 6pm........
Supposed to go to the pasar malam at my campus but it was raining like cats and dogs!!
Then,Aaron ajak to join them for dinner!!!!!
I was amazed by this!!!!!!!!

Thai style japanese's really special!!!!
lichea and aaron...
pang,jo and krishan
Deer meat!!!!My first time eating it..taste like chicken!!!haha.....
The crabs!!!!!!
The sabah vege......

Lotus leaf rice instead of white rice for the dinnerThe twin style's delicious!!!!
The lotus leaf rice....
This fish is superb fresh mann!!!!!yummy!!!!

The loving couple!!!!
Charles& and inhaler!!!!!hahaha
They finished the crabs!!!!
Too desperate for cigratte..haha
Krishan was luaghing at me while I cam-whore infront of the mirror
The amont for the dinner!!!!!RM340.00~

After our seafood dinner,we headed to the club!!!
It's my first time clubbing in Sabah .
Believe it or not????BELIEVE IT!!!

BED is the wide known club in KK and even studio C had its event here..........
The moment I stepped into the club......The interior design is almost the same as Arena in Malacca!!!!
BUT,their band in BED is superb!!!!!
DJ sux!!!!
Eric and amy
Sze ting and her bf
Sisha and liquor!!!!
He's in heaven with sisha and liquor!!!!
The aliens while clubbing!!!!haha....
This is the 1st glass of flamming lambhorgini.....

Guess what?Someone spilled the 1st glass of flamming lambhorgini as he didn't realise that he's drunk enough and couldn't manage to flame it up!!!!!
So,ordered 2nd glass......
it's dirt cheap!!!!
The cute-cum-innocent one
Here's the atmosphere of the club...much much better than Arena in Mlc...especially the band!!!
benny and moi
The last one what Krishan said..
The complaint king...haha....

'Unfortunately',I havoc in their room until 6 in the morning..haha....pity you guys!!!!!

I had sleepless night for 23 hours and had to go for archery early in the morning...