Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The soon-to-be BANKRUPTCY not a girl not yet a woman!

There's nowhere I can be except Starbucks nowadays until I finish my last paper on next Wednesday.

Wana look for me?
It's as easy as ABC.Come to 1 Borneo Starbucks..haha....

I have to sacrifice my sleeping time and wake up early to study everyday.
Gosh!I miss sleeping til noon.

I'm gonna declare myself BANKRUPTCY before I get to go back to Malacca because I've spent alot in Starbucks.Not only drinks BUT food too!
Wait a minute,the food is for my Breakfast and lunch and maybe dinner,sometimes.

I've uploaded some non-sense cam-whore pics for my drinks and food in this week so that I can miss them when I really go BANKRUPTCY!!!

Monday meal~
Wednesday meal~

Gotta ciaoz and face to my Accounting book.
Kinda lazy to flip over it!!!
Whatever it is,gonna make it my BIATCH!!!!

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