Thursday, May 25, 2006

I was Admitted to the ward AGAIN last sunday night.That really SUX!!!!!I was supposed to stay there for 2 hours for observation but then the doctor later said i had to admit to the ward.Anyway that's what i have to accept due to my serious condition.Admitting to the ward is like a holiday for me at a resort.What to do???????????Life's like this..............And again i had to go for the imaging for my chest n my head....dam sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Today,I have to go to the medical centre 'again' .It's uncountable that me going to the medical centre since the accident.I think that's my 2nd doubt.....The doctors injected me for 5 times,Took my blood test for 3 times and many things.That's scary!!!!I'm scared of that but i have no choices cuz that's what i have to do .I mean today is not the last time cuz i have to go for many check ups every month...maybe or a few times in a month......All these can be proven that'I'm sick!!!'
K.Rite now i don't know what's wrong with me after the accident n the break up!!!!I'm lost!!!!I didnt write anything in my diary for more than a week .It's because i don't have the mood at all.I'm down since last 2 weeks.And i'm spending my money like water!!!!

Secondly,I miss clubbing so much.I wish i could go clubbing every night rite now n dance with the guys.That's what i did the day before my accident.Honestly,I've never been like that for so long.I mean me dancing with guys(maybe that's the real me cuz i love to dance so much).Actually dancing is very important in my life!!!!I don't know why.......But that really makes me forget abt everything that made me sad.

My condition is getting better but not my asthma.I have to depend on 2 inhalers everyday after tha accident,my chest is pain everyday,my head is getting more hurt day by day cuz of the accident and i put down alot of weight since last 2 weeks.This accident really makes me suffer!!!That's life!!!!

Anyway i've decided to go clubbing in a few more days and make some changes in my life especially a big make-over!!!!!!!!
Just received a 'get well soon' card from Nicola yesterday.Actually she found out that i was in an accident after 2 weeks when her mum called a few days ago.Nice card....I love it

Monday, May 01, 2006

today is saturday 29th of May n i got nothing to do but have to wake up early to the temple cuz my bro had a rehearsal for his concert tonight.Then i went to jolene's place to be her tutor as a nice cousin.later we gt bored doing the same thing n went to 7-eleven to do 'something'.When i reached there i nvr expected the guy who opened the for me was my high school friend.While we were chatting,i heard a bad news from him.One of our school mate passed away last night.So wasted that he passed away all of a sudden cuz he was a very active person in school n a friendly guy but what i pity is that his girlfriend.He n his girlfriend were in a relationship for more than 3 years.This is the second time happen in my life that a girl lost her bf forever.It happened to my friend's 3 years ago when he was involved in an accident n i got to feel that something was wrong before he was invloved in the accident n i didnt expect it could happen to my friend.I really don't like that feeling but i have to accept it all the time cuz it's something like my 6th sense.My loved one doesn't believe that i have that feeling n that really make me sad cuz everything i feel wil happen.
Later at night,all of us went to the concert n watch my bro's performance.That concert was great...
Today is labour day..of cuz on the 1st of may but it's not my biz cuz i'm not working ....But i'm jealous of my friends who have to work today cuz they get a triple pay salary,how nice is that !!!!!
Early in the morning my brother woke me up ujst to ask me if i'm going to watch Nicholas Teo(singer) at Mahkota and that was annoying cuz i don't like anyone to disturb me early in the morning.Later,my mum n sis woke me up too.What the hell was that?????They kept on asking the same question as what my brother asked.I had no choice but had to follow them for that thingy cuz my brother wanted to go.That guy is his favourite.When we got there ,it almost started but all of us were attracted by his smile n his look...Oh My Goodness!!!!!!He's so handsome!!!!!!!handsome look,well dressing.....That's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!Even my mum kept on saying that he's so good looking n like a korean star...Yeah It's true!!I took a few pics of him n recorded a few videos...............
Later i bumped up with S.H.E.not the taiwanese group singer but he's my good friend.I called him that cuz his surname is SHE.prefer to call him that than calling his real name.hehe......Actually i was happy to meet him cuz he's from jb n i grew up in jb too..COOL!!!!!!!!!!!But i'm sad that he's going for further study in KL so i don't get to meet him always..So sad................oh ya..i didnt get to post any pics for that thingy yet cuz i haven't upload the pics...wil upload it when i'm free...