Sunday, May 21, 2006

K.Rite now i don't know what's wrong with me after the accident n the break up!!!!I'm lost!!!!I didnt write anything in my diary for more than a week .It's because i don't have the mood at all.I'm down since last 2 weeks.And i'm spending my money like water!!!!

Secondly,I miss clubbing so much.I wish i could go clubbing every night rite now n dance with the guys.That's what i did the day before my accident.Honestly,I've never been like that for so long.I mean me dancing with guys(maybe that's the real me cuz i love to dance so much).Actually dancing is very important in my life!!!!I don't know why.......But that really makes me forget abt everything that made me sad.

My condition is getting better but not my asthma.I have to depend on 2 inhalers everyday after tha accident,my chest is pain everyday,my head is getting more hurt day by day cuz of the accident and i put down alot of weight since last 2 weeks.This accident really makes me suffer!!!That's life!!!!

Anyway i've decided to go clubbing in a few more days and make some changes in my life especially a big make-over!!!!!!!!


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