Friday, September 28, 2007

Money~the problem

Today Econ paper is fucking SUX!!!!!!!!
Questions totally don't 'FIT' what the teacher has taught!!!!!!!!!!Fucking pissed off!!!!
Main tikam can already la.....haha

My aim is not to ace exam but my overall performance.As I've gone for my 'ba zi' fortune teller.He says that I HAVE INTELLIGENT!!!!!!haha!!!!This is what I've read in Reader's Digest.
Whatever it is,I've tried my best and something weird happened at the last minute during my paper.~I could write almost everything for the questions....but don't know whether the answer was right or wrong ...haha


Back to my financial topic.

Cousin's wedding is in next month;
My birthday;
Harn's belated birthday present to Taiwan

I'm gonna spent alot in October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Due to my darling's leaving in October,I've to celebrate my birthday's worth it for her!!!!!!!!!

Cousin's wedding~a new gown but haven't got the idea what style to wear!I've been to a boutique that sell dresses and i've fallen in love for few gowns..haha.....

Harn's belated birthday present~branded stuff as I've promised her!!!!!!!!That present gonna cost me few hundred bucks!!!!!!!!!!present+air fee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems like I have to spend my money wisely and make arrangement for that!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy:) or Sad :(

My darling will be leaving to UK next month.I've just found out about it last night before we club.

Darl:'Darling,I'll be going to Uk next month'


Darl:'Are you ok?'

Jo:'Ya.How long will you be there?'(honestly,my heart's broken once she told me that and I wasn't not ok at all.Darling,sorry for lying to you but I just don't want you to worry about anything)


Jo was speechless.I was shocked to know about that.

Both of us were in 'sad situation' when we clubbed.Darl told me that darl's sad so do I.Sometimes we just can't stop the one we love from leaving us.I should be happy that my darl will have a bright future there but sad that I can't hang out with the one I love so much anymore.

Therefore,I'll celebrate my birthday early in conjunction with darl's farewell party.

We passed out last night.I know it's not something good but it's just happened.

Darling,I'm gonna miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

My birthday 'EVE' VS Couz's wedding

I've just found out that my cousin will be holding his wedding on the 27th of Oct.
My birthday is on the 28th of Oct but of course I'll celebrate on the 27th la...because I wana celebrate with my Darling and my OFF THE HOOK friends.........Al-bar,Revon,Damien............But my Darling is my PRIORITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!And my God-bro~~Shaun!!!!!!!!!!!

Now,I'm thinking how am I gonna manage my time.Either absent from the wedding dinner or have to run both of the show.But my birthday celebration is still in the first place...hehe
I wana have nice nice dinner with my darling and treat Al-bar a meal as I've promised him..haha......Al-bar,you can list down everything that you wana eat because I'll pay for it.If You sakit perut after that then it's not my problem..haha.....

If I wana go for the wedding,then I have to buy a new gown again as I just only wear my gown once for every function.And right now I don't have idea what to wear.I rather spend the money for my gown on my friends..haha

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good news for everyone who are waiting for him!:)

He's much much better now.He has respond when someone talk to him.His pulse is better now.His blood pressure is in good condition now.He moves!

*I always check out his pulse and blood pressure just to make sure that he's stable(my couz who's a future doctor told me about this).THNX!*

Everyone was so happy to find out about that especially when he woke up and open his eyes after a week in the ICU!HAPPY!HAPPY!HAPPY!
Finally,God's answered to our prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thnx so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But,I was so heartache to see him especially when he's awake.Although it's a good news but he's suffering from internal injury and he's still in pain when he's awake.
I was happy to find out that he's awake but when I visited him on the day he was awake,everything was different because he has to be tough to suffer all the pain.His breathing was in difficulty.And once again,he almost made me cried but I have to be tough too so that he's tough enough to go through all these circumstances.

I know he's tough to make it to the end and wake up to be with all of us!
I'm waiting for him to celebrate our birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This generous and kind-hearted guy is coming back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
People outside PLEASE don't take advantages on him anymore to help you guys k???He's way too nice and willing to sacrifice for a friend! (gonna ask him to be a bad guy so that no one will 'BULLY' him again)HAHA~~~

He'll be undergo an operation tomorrow morning for his face structure.Of course must let him be a good looking guy again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not only that,his esophagus will be operated to connect a tube for breathing.OMG!!!!!Another suffer for him again!

I'm too worried about him until I'm so stressed these few days.But as long as he's better now then the others are just small petty things.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Bad service at the medical center.PISSED OFF!

I've just got home from the hospital after visiting him and stayed there for few hours.

Today is a worse day for me to visit him as his condition is worse than yesterday.I accompanied Angeline to see him first as Ivian and I have visited him before this.I was so shocked to see his condition today as he's getting worse.

I tried to ask the nurse who in charge about his condition and she asked me to wait.I don't have patience at all and you wanted me to wait as my friend is in danger?!?!?!?!?!
I've given her the chance when I asked her about his condition yesterday and all she said was:'Who are you?I've told his mum so you just asked her'
What the fuck?!!?!?!?!?Is yr saliva so expensive until you can't tell me?????Poor and bad service.I hate it!!!!!I felt like scolding that nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This time I really cried out once I saw him.I feel sad seeing him like this.How could all these happen to him?!
Angeline kept on saying sad stuff and that made me more sad.Everyone's hoping him to wake up faster.
When I asked the doctor about his condition ,

Jo:'How's his condition?'

Doc:'What do you wana know?'

Jo:'Is he getting better now?does he have improvement?'

Doc:'No improvement.he's still the same'

Jo:'When will he recover?'

Doc:'It's difficult to say as he has serious injury in his brain.It's all have to see whether he could survive'

*Angeline and I were speechless.We're lost*

Jo:'Does he have a chance to survive?'

Doc:'No one knows'

Jo:'If he recover,will he have any effect?'

Doc:'Save his own life now is the most important.Don't think about being recover first'

Angeline:'Have you met this type of case before?'

Doc:'Ya and there's one worse than him'

Jo:'Then what happened to him?'

Doc:'that fella died'

*Both of us believe that he can make it and recover*(trying to console ourselves)

I've started to worry after talking to the doctor.If I know thats not something good then I wouldn't have asked the doctor.But I really need to know his condition!

I did talk to him but I just couldn't deliver what I wanted to say as I would cry whenever I talk to him.I'm so sad to see him like this.

Later when his mum was there,Angeline was the first one to go in to visit him before we leave.
After that I went to see him when Angeline's out.

When I walked into his wad,his mum was crying and talked loads of thing to him.I was stunned and didn't know what to do so all I could do was trying to console her.I could understand a mother's feeling when her child is in danger.As his mum didn't sleep since last night and never even ate anything the whole day.I'm pity to see her like this.

When his mum left,I tried to talk to him with courage to pray for him .I kept on asking him to wake up as his birthday is coming soon and it's just 3 days earlier so that we can celebrate together.He should know that everyone's waiting for him to hang out together!
My tears roll down from my cheek whenever I talked to him.*SOB*

Now all we could do is pray for him.Make him to be strong so that he could go through this obstacle!

Sleepless nap~sleepless night~worrying:(

I've gone to visit Keik Lun at the madical center with Bing wei together.On our way there,I kept on asking him about his condition but he just couldn't describe everything about his condition at all.

Before going there,I was so worried,panic,nervous and scared to see him.I didn't know how come all these kept on playing in my mind?!?!Maybe because of his serious condition.

But he did tell me a lil' about his condition:
*he's in critical condition
*his brain skeleton's smashed

That's all he could tell me.Then he warned me:

Wei:'You must be prepared when you see him'

Jo:'why?Don't scare me la'(I kept on thinking how worse could it be)

Wei:'I couldn't describe his condition but you have to see it by yourself'

Jo:'ok.You are making me more panic as I've been panic since last night'

Wei:'His look is different ow and he doesn't look like the guy whom we know.'

Jo:'Whatever it is,You have to accompany me later'

I've been thinking that am I prepared to visit him.But he's my friend and I have to go on with courage.I couldn't sleep for the whole night thinking about his condition as he's in the ICU.

When we reached there,I was getting more nervous and nervous.I was shocked n scared to see him as he's sustained serious injury .
Ventilators everywhere,oxygen tube,nutrition tube,needles and many more.Only then I realised that he's very serious*SOB*
I almost cried but I couldn't as I was too scared.
Bing wei then asked me to talk to him but I was speechless after seeing his worse condition.

Out of the blue,I told bing wei that keik lun is a very nice guy and this is what he said:
Jo:'Actually he's a very good looking guy and a nice guy'

Wei:'You tell him la.He can hear you'

Jo:'Mad la you'

He then told keik lun who's in comma about what I said

Wei:'Joann said that you are a very nice guy.What for be a nice guy???You see what's happened to you for being a nice guy????'

Jo:'Eh,don't be so bad la!'

Wei:'Don't be a nice guy anymore when you recover'

Honestly,he did respond to what bing wei told him(the ventilator's shown that his blood pressure did increase when he talked to him).Bing wei always makes him 'GERAM'
Never even let him go when he's in comma..haha........

But I just didn't know why would I say 'GOODBYE' to him when we left.Maybe I've gone insane and mad!!!

After visiting him,his condition keeps on reflecting in my mind whenever I close my eyes.
I have sleepless night and even nap.I'm too worried about him and get nervous n scared everytime I receive calls early in the morning or in the midnight.

Anyway,he's doing better day by day.
He has improvement!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wish that he could wake up faster.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bad news that makes me lost

Today~BAD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!BAD NEWS!!!!!!!!

Right after I've finished my class and got home,I've got a msg from Angeline saying that one of my friends was involved in an accident.The 1st thing i did was called her but she made me lost patience as she didn't pick up my calls!!!!

I didn't know his exact condition but just knew that he was in an accident and is in the medical center.Oh GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How come a nice guy always being 'treated' with bad ending?!?!?!?!
He's the 2nd guy in my life who is going through this......The 1st one was a nice guy so as this one!!!!!!!!!
This world is really UNFAIR!!!!

After 5 hours............................................................

Angeline text me when i was in class.I was really lost and my expression's changed when I read the msg.She said he maybe will end his journey of life..OMG!!!!What's happened to this world????
Without hesitating,I quickly reply her called .She could only get back from Kl this Friday and she's worried that he might not be saved so she suggested me to visit him 1st as I told her that I'll be going when she's back.
Now,no more hesitating to visit him.....I'm afraid that something would happen to him as he's in the intensive care unit(ICU) now .
He's in serious injury.
I can't imagine that this happen to him as he's a very nice guy and willing to sacrifice everything for his love one.I know this very well because I've seen what had he done for that girl.

Pray to god that he's safe and I have the chance to see him.


Saturday, September 01, 2007

'I will follow you,Follow you wherever you will go....'

Merdeka night,Working for Digi roadshow.
Eventhough it was damn crowded but we did have fun ESPECIALLY the yellow men a.k.a Teletubbies!But they are yellow men and not Teletubbies k???that what one of the yellow man told me!

Many performance were arranged last night.Nice!!!!!!
But I was so DYING to promote the Digi simpacks and the new plans of Digi.(It's not my first time doing this la because I'm used to it already so it's easier for me and my partner-soo yin)
I always 'ajak' her along in this kind of job.
It's a faster way to earn money too!!!!haha

I could only take photo with the yellow man once everything ends because that's the only time I'll be FREE!!!!!!
When I talked to him,he didn't even answer me but use hand signal to give me the answer!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!GERAMNYA~~~~~~haha

here it is~
Jo n the yellow man
the freebies that I 'STOLE' from my counter..haha
trying to get a nicer pose~~~