Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good news for everyone who are waiting for him!:)

He's much much better now.He has respond when someone talk to him.His pulse is better now.His blood pressure is in good condition now.He moves!

*I always check out his pulse and blood pressure just to make sure that he's stable(my couz who's a future doctor told me about this).THNX!*

Everyone was so happy to find out about that especially when he woke up and open his eyes after a week in the ICU!HAPPY!HAPPY!HAPPY!
Finally,God's answered to our prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thnx so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But,I was so heartache to see him especially when he's awake.Although it's a good news but he's suffering from internal injury and he's still in pain when he's awake.
I was happy to find out that he's awake but when I visited him on the day he was awake,everything was different because he has to be tough to suffer all the pain.His breathing was in difficulty.And once again,he almost made me cried but I have to be tough too so that he's tough enough to go through all these circumstances.

I know he's tough to make it to the end and wake up to be with all of us!
I'm waiting for him to celebrate our birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This generous and kind-hearted guy is coming back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
People outside PLEASE don't take advantages on him anymore to help you guys k???He's way too nice and willing to sacrifice for a friend! (gonna ask him to be a bad guy so that no one will 'BULLY' him again)HAHA~~~

He'll be undergo an operation tomorrow morning for his face structure.Of course must let him be a good looking guy again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not only that,his esophagus will be operated to connect a tube for breathing.OMG!!!!!Another suffer for him again!

I'm too worried about him until I'm so stressed these few days.But as long as he's better now then the others are just small petty things.

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