Friday, September 14, 2007

Bad service at the medical center.PISSED OFF!

I've just got home from the hospital after visiting him and stayed there for few hours.

Today is a worse day for me to visit him as his condition is worse than yesterday.I accompanied Angeline to see him first as Ivian and I have visited him before this.I was so shocked to see his condition today as he's getting worse.

I tried to ask the nurse who in charge about his condition and she asked me to wait.I don't have patience at all and you wanted me to wait as my friend is in danger?!?!?!?!?!
I've given her the chance when I asked her about his condition yesterday and all she said was:'Who are you?I've told his mum so you just asked her'
What the fuck?!!?!?!?!?Is yr saliva so expensive until you can't tell me?????Poor and bad service.I hate it!!!!!I felt like scolding that nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This time I really cried out once I saw him.I feel sad seeing him like this.How could all these happen to him?!
Angeline kept on saying sad stuff and that made me more sad.Everyone's hoping him to wake up faster.
When I asked the doctor about his condition ,

Jo:'How's his condition?'

Doc:'What do you wana know?'

Jo:'Is he getting better now?does he have improvement?'

Doc:'No improvement.he's still the same'

Jo:'When will he recover?'

Doc:'It's difficult to say as he has serious injury in his brain.It's all have to see whether he could survive'

*Angeline and I were speechless.We're lost*

Jo:'Does he have a chance to survive?'

Doc:'No one knows'

Jo:'If he recover,will he have any effect?'

Doc:'Save his own life now is the most important.Don't think about being recover first'

Angeline:'Have you met this type of case before?'

Doc:'Ya and there's one worse than him'

Jo:'Then what happened to him?'

Doc:'that fella died'

*Both of us believe that he can make it and recover*(trying to console ourselves)

I've started to worry after talking to the doctor.If I know thats not something good then I wouldn't have asked the doctor.But I really need to know his condition!

I did talk to him but I just couldn't deliver what I wanted to say as I would cry whenever I talk to him.I'm so sad to see him like this.

Later when his mum was there,Angeline was the first one to go in to visit him before we leave.
After that I went to see him when Angeline's out.

When I walked into his wad,his mum was crying and talked loads of thing to him.I was stunned and didn't know what to do so all I could do was trying to console her.I could understand a mother's feeling when her child is in danger.As his mum didn't sleep since last night and never even ate anything the whole day.I'm pity to see her like this.

When his mum left,I tried to talk to him with courage to pray for him .I kept on asking him to wake up as his birthday is coming soon and it's just 3 days earlier so that we can celebrate together.He should know that everyone's waiting for him to hang out together!
My tears roll down from my cheek whenever I talked to him.*SOB*

Now all we could do is pray for him.Make him to be strong so that he could go through this obstacle!

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