Friday, September 14, 2007

Sleepless nap~sleepless night~worrying:(

I've gone to visit Keik Lun at the madical center with Bing wei together.On our way there,I kept on asking him about his condition but he just couldn't describe everything about his condition at all.

Before going there,I was so worried,panic,nervous and scared to see him.I didn't know how come all these kept on playing in my mind?!?!Maybe because of his serious condition.

But he did tell me a lil' about his condition:
*he's in critical condition
*his brain skeleton's smashed

That's all he could tell me.Then he warned me:

Wei:'You must be prepared when you see him'

Jo:'why?Don't scare me la'(I kept on thinking how worse could it be)

Wei:'I couldn't describe his condition but you have to see it by yourself'

Jo:'ok.You are making me more panic as I've been panic since last night'

Wei:'His look is different ow and he doesn't look like the guy whom we know.'

Jo:'Whatever it is,You have to accompany me later'

I've been thinking that am I prepared to visit him.But he's my friend and I have to go on with courage.I couldn't sleep for the whole night thinking about his condition as he's in the ICU.

When we reached there,I was getting more nervous and nervous.I was shocked n scared to see him as he's sustained serious injury .
Ventilators everywhere,oxygen tube,nutrition tube,needles and many more.Only then I realised that he's very serious*SOB*
I almost cried but I couldn't as I was too scared.
Bing wei then asked me to talk to him but I was speechless after seeing his worse condition.

Out of the blue,I told bing wei that keik lun is a very nice guy and this is what he said:
Jo:'Actually he's a very good looking guy and a nice guy'

Wei:'You tell him la.He can hear you'

Jo:'Mad la you'

He then told keik lun who's in comma about what I said

Wei:'Joann said that you are a very nice guy.What for be a nice guy???You see what's happened to you for being a nice guy????'

Jo:'Eh,don't be so bad la!'

Wei:'Don't be a nice guy anymore when you recover'

Honestly,he did respond to what bing wei told him(the ventilator's shown that his blood pressure did increase when he talked to him).Bing wei always makes him 'GERAM'
Never even let him go when he's in comma..haha........

But I just didn't know why would I say 'GOODBYE' to him when we left.Maybe I've gone insane and mad!!!

After visiting him,his condition keeps on reflecting in my mind whenever I close my eyes.
I have sleepless night and even nap.I'm too worried about him and get nervous n scared everytime I receive calls early in the morning or in the midnight.

Anyway,he's doing better day by day.
He has improvement!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wish that he could wake up faster.

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