Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bad news that makes me lost

Today~BAD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!BAD NEWS!!!!!!!!

Right after I've finished my class and got home,I've got a msg from Angeline saying that one of my friends was involved in an accident.The 1st thing i did was called her but she made me lost patience as she didn't pick up my calls!!!!

I didn't know his exact condition but just knew that he was in an accident and is in the medical center.Oh GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How come a nice guy always being 'treated' with bad ending?!?!?!?!
He's the 2nd guy in my life who is going through this......The 1st one was a nice guy so as this one!!!!!!!!!
This world is really UNFAIR!!!!

After 5 hours............................................................

Angeline text me when i was in class.I was really lost and my expression's changed when I read the msg.She said he maybe will end his journey of life..OMG!!!!What's happened to this world????
Without hesitating,I quickly reply her called .She could only get back from Kl this Friday and she's worried that he might not be saved so she suggested me to visit him 1st as I told her that I'll be going when she's back.
Now,no more hesitating to visit him.....I'm afraid that something would happen to him as he's in the intensive care unit(ICU) now .
He's in serious injury.
I can't imagine that this happen to him as he's a very nice guy and willing to sacrifice everything for his love one.I know this very well because I've seen what had he done for that girl.

Pray to god that he's safe and I have the chance to see him.


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