Friday, May 25, 2007

The meaning of friends in my life!!!

Friends sometimes do make me stress about our relationship..But I noticed that nowadays my relationship with them is not as close as last time...I feel like there's a gap between us!
Frankly speaking,friends play the most important part in my life!They always cheer me up..... shed away my tears.. ..give me their support in whatever I do..give me the best advice..never wana let me being hurt again and again..They are always the best to me!!!!!

However,time passes and everything's begun to change.We don't be together and talk about 'stuff' anymore.Qi even isolated herself from us and the gap is as big as the sea...It's kinda sad eventhough she always put her boyfriend at the very first place and this really jeoperdice our friendship.I was quite angry about her attitude at the beginning because her boyfriend had gone out of the track..As obstacle hits me in my life recently,I realised that neglecting a friend is not something that we're supposed to do in a friendship..Sometimes I just don't understand why everyone is so cold to her..just like today,i kept on asking jaz and jammie the same question

"why are we treating her like this and never try to talk to her?"

This question has been playing in my mind during these few days,I realy don't get it!

Let's move on to the other point.....I realised that not only Qi facing this problem in our friendship...I'm the same too....Ting never really talk to me as we used to.I admit that I was once so pissed because of her decision not to club with us and we sacrificed to change our plan but she didn't even turn up at all....I just let the dust swept away by itself because she has given me the best in friendship and she's helped me alot..Sometimes she really makes me love her to death!!!!<3>I owe her!!!But she'll always be my best friend....
Honestly,this problem really stress me up..just don't know why............

What I hope for is we can really get back together and AGAIN be the best among the best!!!!This friendship is so important to me..Without them,I would not be here and be another JOANN!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Today,sitting for my paper..It's business...Honestly,I didn't really study for this subject because I'm lazy to study something over and over again.But this exam is very important to me.

Again,We had 3 hours to finish it.I was kinda lazy to do the paper even though I've got all the answer because I was too lazy to write it in a full sentence on the paper..So many questions,So many words and need many pages of papers..TIRED!!!!!!!!!!
However,I was able to finish it but we did 'play cheat' during the paper.The greatest thing that I've done is pass my answer sheet to my friends and let them copy..haha...'FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED"........Smart!!!!!

As usual,I 'm a piggy after school( a nap is a must for me every afternoon)..That's why Kell Vin called me that..human need to sleep but not him..haha..maybe he doesn't consider himself as a human being..haha

This evening,had to go for my class....The guy besides me was so helpful..actually he's my friend and i was sitting with a bunch of guys today cuz someone has taken my seat...but all of them r my friends...
Right after the class,Micheal told me something which is weird to me

"it's better that u dun need to wear yr pants"

"huh???I dun get it"

I was wearing a fluffy short skirt and he told me that.Did he mean that my skirt is too short???
Then my friend who's a guy told me that I shouldn't too expose myself in dressing.My 1st reaction was
"I'm open-minded in dressing and my parents nvr stop me from doing that"

"is yr dad chinese?is yr mum chinese??"

"of cuz they are"

"but why are they so open-minded??"

"my family is like this cuz also the influence from my cousins who are staying in UK.Mat Saleh are like this and they are"

Honestly,the questions are damn weird..haha....this is not the 1st time i dressed like this..u guys should know how I always dress myself..
Haiz~~~~Nowadays guys are so 'KOLOT'..haha

Just now,josh told me that his classmate said that he's cute...he's a lil' boy n how could his friend-a boy too told him that he's cute(it's undeniable that Josh is cute..hehe)..then later on,he said his friend touch his damn funny..all i could say was

"boy,go n ask yr friend if he's a gay?"
haha.....such a bad sis he has....what to do?????

General paper is on tomorrow....damn nervous...that retarded teacher gave me alot of pressure and ask me to make sure that I get a better result for this exam...OMG!!!!I've got an 'A' during last exam so what else u want me to get???????????"AAAAAA"????Maybe it sounds crazy

Anyway,Good luck to me!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Sunday fulls of Cam~Whoring

It's Sunday and we've planned it earlier to support Rynn for the Superstar roadshow....@ Dataran Pahlawan

But sis n I always have alot of geeks when we're out..Again!!!!!!Cam~whoring..haha

before the show

my cute lil' bro
sis took this pic...

josh nvr like to cam whor with sis..haha
"u ask me to snap half of yr face n this is it!"

silly us....

sis kept on asking me to focus on him..haha
the crowd~~~

wasted that she's not the winner~

sis was confessing her love to Henley.....romantic confession..haha
sis was hoping for this since the show started...You've got it!!!
she's the one!!
Henley's giving away the prizes to my sis...haha
all the girls are jealous of her..get to hug the guys..haha..she's the 'vip'of the project superstar
the guys~~~~

after the roadshow,we went for lunch...@ 1901 hotdogs..miss it so much!!!It's been a long time that i didn't go it!!!!

while Josh was busy eating,sis and I were too busy with cam whoring..haha..As usual,our 'BAD HABIT'

Here are some collections of our cam~whoring pics.............have a nice time enjoy them.......

sis to sis it!!
big la
mummy's manja son
what can u see???nothing???
not eating
1st bite..but didn't get to eat...*sob*
best shot for 1901 hotdogs
sis was too free to take this pic..haha
here she is~~~~
jo n jo..she was asked to cam whor~~~with me..haha


Sunny sunny day~~~~~~~~~
I was so desperate to buy a new sunglasses since few months back but none of them r the cup of my tea...Finally,Got it!!!!

I'd tried many pairs of sunglasses and it would be 'not nice' if i didn't buy without hesitate about my money,I just chose this!!!!I fell in love with few pairs of them but mum will lecture me if i buy all of them.....

"just take those u like,dun need to buy one"that's what the promoter said...I'm not a millionaire!!!

Again,I have to listen to mum's lecture everytime I shop...because mum knows that I'm a CRAZY SHOPAHOLIC!!

Mummy's girl for this weekend

I'm proud to announce that I'm a mummy's girl during this weekend..COOL!!!!
It's hardly to see me stay at home every day..especially the whole day as I'm always busy with my homesick when I'm out of my house!!!!!

This morning,Raymond and I supposed to go for breakfast but we did agree that if we woke up around 10-11am then we'll go for breakfast.However,both of us were sleeping like a log this morning...So we had to cancel our BREAKFAST plan.....Both are PIGGIES!!!Ooik~~~Ooik~~~

Every saturday morning n sunday morning leave no 'memory' to me ...cuz i sleep til noon then only I'll get up from my's always happen it's USUAL!!!!!No FREAKING weekend though!!!haha................................................

Until this evening,something weird happened......Should be something scary....It was after class and I was alone in the evalator cuz was busy talking to a friend .Once I stepped in the evalator,the 1st thing i did is press on the 'close' button.The door closed at 1st.....BUT....another thing happened..It opened again..I looked out of the evalator and thought someone was there because as I know I was the one and only person standing there waiting for the evalator after a couple got out of it and I saw them walking towards my class...My heart started to pump quickly.......It's so scary..I could feel that there's something 'dirty' when I looked around outside..OMG!!!!!!

One of my fren did tell me about the same thing but it's the other evalator not the one i was in....My friend and I didn't believe it at all eventhough she told us right after our class at night...
need to 'rajin' pray to the God!!!!
All I could think of was all these happened ciz of technical problem..yeah..that's it eventhough it's really 'something' press on the button..T_T

Terence had asked me out to club a week's tonight!!!I was so eager at 1st but when i thought of my exam on next week,everything is a NO,NO to me...
Shaun was doubting that I 've changed my mind not to go n kept on saing he's I said 'YES'....

After half and hour......................................................................................................

"i think I don't want to go tonight.Wana study cuz have been worrying about my exam so it's better to stay at home"
My message to him...*sob*..have to stay at home n study...anyway,exam come 1st..just for this time...haha..even the night before I sat for my STPM MUET exam,I went clubbing....Cannot be cured anymore....Haiz~~~~

No clubbing for this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

So lame~~~~T_T

Today,i was sitting for my 2nd paper..General paper....this is the 1st time ever that i prepared for this subject because I never bother about it at all....stupid and retarded teacher don't know to teach at all....don't know which planet is he come from?..

Luckily ,I always get a not bad result for this subject..haha...*happy*..BUT teacher like to tease me for getting a good result as i'm always 'SICK'..go to hell la YOU!!!!
It's so DAMN bored because we had 3 hours to finish it...what a 'long way to go'??????
SIENZ~~~ :(

Friday~~~school finishs at 12pm EVERY FRIDAY!!!!!Weekend's just around the!!!
Unfortunately,I don't get to go back so EARLY!!!!!Extra class till bored~~~~~(sometimes i do skip the class because it's maths and i've learned most of the topics)..I'm not a bad student k??

During the class this noon,something lame happened!!!!!Jazlyn sang a song out of the blue while Jammie and I weren't really paying attention in the class and talking about some it goes

"You are a lazy are a lazy person...your body is always pain...your eyes are pain...your stomachache.......blah blah blah"
Actually she's singing this song to me cuz i've skipped my class for 2 days n always say that I have stomachache....IT"S TRUE!!!!!I wasn't lying about that.....something is wrong with me but I never bother to go for any check ups anymore after the last time at a medical centre..
And more truth is I often skip my class every wee....sometimes few teachers don't get to see me the whole week..haha...Hide and seek la....

Our conversation went on to another topic which involve one of us(but she wasn't with us during that moment)...Rumours spreading about her irresponsibility in doing her own job and kept on volunteer herself to handle almost everything..I was there during our meeting so I knew the situation..But I'm very fed up at this girl because she is truly IRRESPONSIBLE at all !I was trying to help her finish the job but she kept on saying that she is not allowed to go out cuz her parents' banned her from going out during exam time.This really SUCKS!!!!!At least sacrifice some time only,it's not that i want you to spend the whole day to do it!!!
Anyway,She's my friend so just take it and leave it......

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another day in my life

Skipped school today cuz due to some medical problem...sadT_T
Dad kept on nagging at me once i woke up cuz i always don't bother about my health n just leave's not that i don't bother..i did went for check up but the so RETARDED doctor said i have gastric..WTF!

I've commited to myself this morning that I wana start everything all over again...The main thing that encourage me is my tattoo..gonna get my tattoo soon..yeah!!!But yen( my tattoo artist) couldn't get what i meant about the design i wan..after searching for so many designs finally he's got what i want but I wan it to be special..A combination of japanese n western style tattoo...2 in's important cuz tattoo is on my body for my whole life!!!!

Yen was so confused about what i really wanted..haha..but luckily he gave me a cheaper price.
'how much u wana give me for a colour tattoo?"

"depends on the size and colour"

'I just want it to be smaller than my butter fly cuz wana have it on the upper back"

"i give u RM 100"

"So cheap??"
It's a MUST that he has to give me a cheaper price cuz I'm his regular customer...hehe..Forever regular customer!!!!!Cuz i trust him to let him do my tattoo!

Another hectic nite on wednesday!Not bz with clubbing but bz with food!!!We went for steamboat as a farewell party for our so-called Lee hom because he'll be going off for his tertiary studies soon..haiz~~~No more nonsense from u as usual anymore..yeah!!!We spent amot of time eating and eating and eating!!!
Food makes us full BUT eat makes us HAPPY!

Later at night,I was trying to make a long distance call to my 'ji mui' but it's always the damn irritating!!I then called to her sis's mobile and she said she was on the phone .
"It's not that you know her for the 1st time,you should know her....alot of things to an old woman"

"haha..yaya...I'll call her later on"

Just few minutes later,she called.We did talk for quite long cuz we always have many things to talk about.However,she's going to Taiwan for her studies.I wana go too but i'll be having a big problem in doing my work when i get to the uni in Taiwan.....because I can't really understand mandarin eventhough i was 'born' in a top chinese school in JB...haha...Wei harn then made a funny joke..
"You can do your work when you are asked to do yr report in more than 1000 words"i thought i'm so smart in mandarin!

"How????I cant even understand what they say"

"you do it in english while I translate for you"

"haha...i rather go ther n have my holidays!!!!"

So,we started to plan for our next HUGE gathering before everyone leaves.

We did talk about few best friends who had married and have their own children.
I salute one of them because she'd drop-out from school for a year cuz she was pregnant and didn't get to study.After that,she went back to school and continued her studies.NOW,she's in the top class!!!!COOL!!!!
But ,there's a problem keeps on playing in her mind.Her husband's educaton level is lower than her.So ,she thought that she would be look down on her husband when she's successful!But ,i believe that she can do the best for herself and her child!

Another thing is......Nixon is getting more good looking than last time!!!!He's the gals' admirer now!!!So jealous!!Sadly that he's a girlfriend...haha

oh ya!I kena lecture from my 'ji mui' cuz i told her about my tattoo..Haiz~~~Her dad has more tattoos than me but I pulak kena lecture..She thought of the future for me after having the tattoo...haha..thnx for yr caring!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Meaningless of my life!!!!

The happy-go-lucky JoAnn is in bad mood the whole day!!!!Never ever that she's like this for a few months after her heartbreak...

Honestly,i really don't know what's wrong with me the whole day.MOODY the whole day..all i could remember is words from my friends
"What's wrong with you???You seem moody the whole day."

"What problem has been playing in yr mind???You've never been like this before???"

All i could tell them was I don't think i'm ok today..Many things are playing in my way to get out of it...SHIT!!!!Somehow,i'm too tired of my life!!!!!Anger in my life makes me feel like killing someone especially the one who's been hurting me!!!!

And i hate my day so much today!!!!!I've forgotten to bring my ic for my MUET exam this morning...Called to mum's phone but she didn't even pick up the calls!!!!Anger in my mind!!!!I was late for the exam...It's important for my STPM!!!!No one answered the calls when i called home eventhough sis was at home skipping her exam today!!!

What's going wrong in my life?!?!?!?!?!?!?!My life's SUX!!!!

I'm BORED of my life!!I kept on asking my friends alot of STUPID questions.

"What's the best way to release my anger????"

'Get another tattoo????A short hairstyle???"

All they could answer was doesn't is painful to get a tattoo???
HELLO~~~~~~~I'm crazy k???Tattoo is not pain for me at all!!!So no point to ask me this!!!!
TATTOO is an art for me
I just wana get as many tattoos as I can.....Soon i will get my next tattoo!!!!

Sometimes just wana relax myself n let myself go for a holiday!!!!!!I've suffered enough in my life!!!!!