Monday, May 21, 2007


Today,sitting for my paper..It's business...Honestly,I didn't really study for this subject because I'm lazy to study something over and over again.But this exam is very important to me.

Again,We had 3 hours to finish it.I was kinda lazy to do the paper even though I've got all the answer because I was too lazy to write it in a full sentence on the paper..So many questions,So many words and need many pages of papers..TIRED!!!!!!!!!!
However,I was able to finish it but we did 'play cheat' during the paper.The greatest thing that I've done is pass my answer sheet to my friends and let them copy..haha...'FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED"........Smart!!!!!

As usual,I 'm a piggy after school( a nap is a must for me every afternoon)..That's why Kell Vin called me that..human need to sleep but not him..haha..maybe he doesn't consider himself as a human being..haha

This evening,had to go for my class....The guy besides me was so helpful..actually he's my friend and i was sitting with a bunch of guys today cuz someone has taken my seat...but all of them r my friends...
Right after the class,Micheal told me something which is weird to me

"it's better that u dun need to wear yr pants"

"huh???I dun get it"

I was wearing a fluffy short skirt and he told me that.Did he mean that my skirt is too short???
Then my friend who's a guy told me that I shouldn't too expose myself in dressing.My 1st reaction was
"I'm open-minded in dressing and my parents nvr stop me from doing that"

"is yr dad chinese?is yr mum chinese??"

"of cuz they are"

"but why are they so open-minded??"

"my family is like this cuz also the influence from my cousins who are staying in UK.Mat Saleh are like this and they are"

Honestly,the questions are damn weird..haha....this is not the 1st time i dressed like this..u guys should know how I always dress myself..
Haiz~~~~Nowadays guys are so 'KOLOT'..haha

Just now,josh told me that his classmate said that he's cute...he's a lil' boy n how could his friend-a boy too told him that he's cute(it's undeniable that Josh is cute..hehe)..then later on,he said his friend touch his damn funny..all i could say was

"boy,go n ask yr friend if he's a gay?"
haha.....such a bad sis he has....what to do?????

General paper is on tomorrow....damn nervous...that retarded teacher gave me alot of pressure and ask me to make sure that I get a better result for this exam...OMG!!!!I've got an 'A' during last exam so what else u want me to get???????????"AAAAAA"????Maybe it sounds crazy

Anyway,Good luck to me!!!!

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