Friday, May 25, 2007

The meaning of friends in my life!!!

Friends sometimes do make me stress about our relationship..But I noticed that nowadays my relationship with them is not as close as last time...I feel like there's a gap between us!
Frankly speaking,friends play the most important part in my life!They always cheer me up..... shed away my tears.. ..give me their support in whatever I do..give me the best advice..never wana let me being hurt again and again..They are always the best to me!!!!!

However,time passes and everything's begun to change.We don't be together and talk about 'stuff' anymore.Qi even isolated herself from us and the gap is as big as the sea...It's kinda sad eventhough she always put her boyfriend at the very first place and this really jeoperdice our friendship.I was quite angry about her attitude at the beginning because her boyfriend had gone out of the track..As obstacle hits me in my life recently,I realised that neglecting a friend is not something that we're supposed to do in a friendship..Sometimes I just don't understand why everyone is so cold to her..just like today,i kept on asking jaz and jammie the same question

"why are we treating her like this and never try to talk to her?"

This question has been playing in my mind during these few days,I realy don't get it!

Let's move on to the other point.....I realised that not only Qi facing this problem in our friendship...I'm the same too....Ting never really talk to me as we used to.I admit that I was once so pissed because of her decision not to club with us and we sacrificed to change our plan but she didn't even turn up at all....I just let the dust swept away by itself because she has given me the best in friendship and she's helped me alot..Sometimes she really makes me love her to death!!!!<3>I owe her!!!But she'll always be my best friend....
Honestly,this problem really stress me up..just don't know why............

What I hope for is we can really get back together and AGAIN be the best among the best!!!!This friendship is so important to me..Without them,I would not be here and be another JOANN!!!!!!!!!!!

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