Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Sunday fulls of Cam~Whoring

It's Sunday and we've planned it earlier to support Rynn for the Superstar roadshow....@ Dataran Pahlawan

But sis n I always have alot of geeks when we're out..Again!!!!!!Cam~whoring..haha

before the show

my cute lil' bro
sis took this pic...

josh nvr like to cam whor with sis..haha
"u ask me to snap half of yr face n this is it!"

silly us....

sis kept on asking me to focus on him..haha
the crowd~~~

wasted that she's not the winner~

sis was confessing her love to Henley.....romantic confession..haha
sis was hoping for this since the show started...You've got it!!!
she's the one!!
Henley's giving away the prizes to my sis...haha
all the girls are jealous of her..get to hug the guys..haha..she's the 'vip'of the project superstar
the guys~~~~

after the roadshow,we went for lunch...@ 1901 hotdogs..miss it so much!!!It's been a long time that i didn't go it!!!!

while Josh was busy eating,sis and I were too busy with cam whoring..haha..As usual,our 'BAD HABIT'

Here are some collections of our cam~whoring pics.............have a nice time enjoy them.......

sis to sis it!!
big la
mummy's manja son
what can u see???nothing???
not eating
1st bite..but didn't get to eat...*sob*
best shot for 1901 hotdogs
sis was too free to take this pic..haha
here she is~~~~
jo n jo..she was asked to cam whor~~~with me..haha


Sunny sunny day~~~~~~~~~
I was so desperate to buy a new sunglasses since few months back but none of them r the cup of my tea...Finally,Got it!!!!

I'd tried many pairs of sunglasses and it would be 'not nice' if i didn't buy without hesitate about my money,I just chose this!!!!I fell in love with few pairs of them but mum will lecture me if i buy all of them.....

"just take those u like,dun need to buy one"that's what the promoter said...I'm not a millionaire!!!

Again,I have to listen to mum's lecture everytime I shop...because mum knows that I'm a CRAZY SHOPAHOLIC!!