Friday, May 18, 2007

So lame~~~~T_T

Today,i was sitting for my 2nd paper..General paper....this is the 1st time ever that i prepared for this subject because I never bother about it at all....stupid and retarded teacher don't know to teach at all....don't know which planet is he come from?..

Luckily ,I always get a not bad result for this subject..haha...*happy*..BUT teacher like to tease me for getting a good result as i'm always 'SICK'..go to hell la YOU!!!!
It's so DAMN bored because we had 3 hours to finish it...what a 'long way to go'??????
SIENZ~~~ :(

Friday~~~school finishs at 12pm EVERY FRIDAY!!!!!Weekend's just around the!!!
Unfortunately,I don't get to go back so EARLY!!!!!Extra class till bored~~~~~(sometimes i do skip the class because it's maths and i've learned most of the topics)..I'm not a bad student k??

During the class this noon,something lame happened!!!!!Jazlyn sang a song out of the blue while Jammie and I weren't really paying attention in the class and talking about some it goes

"You are a lazy are a lazy person...your body is always pain...your eyes are pain...your stomachache.......blah blah blah"
Actually she's singing this song to me cuz i've skipped my class for 2 days n always say that I have stomachache....IT"S TRUE!!!!!I wasn't lying about that.....something is wrong with me but I never bother to go for any check ups anymore after the last time at a medical centre..
And more truth is I often skip my class every wee....sometimes few teachers don't get to see me the whole week..haha...Hide and seek la....

Our conversation went on to another topic which involve one of us(but she wasn't with us during that moment)...Rumours spreading about her irresponsibility in doing her own job and kept on volunteer herself to handle almost everything..I was there during our meeting so I knew the situation..But I'm very fed up at this girl because she is truly IRRESPONSIBLE at all !I was trying to help her finish the job but she kept on saying that she is not allowed to go out cuz her parents' banned her from going out during exam time.This really SUCKS!!!!!At least sacrifice some time only,it's not that i want you to spend the whole day to do it!!!
Anyway,She's my friend so just take it and leave it......

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