Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another day in my life

Skipped school today cuz due to some medical problem...sadT_T
Dad kept on nagging at me once i woke up cuz i always don't bother about my health n just leave's not that i don't bother..i did went for check up but the so RETARDED doctor said i have gastric..WTF!

I've commited to myself this morning that I wana start everything all over again...The main thing that encourage me is my tattoo..gonna get my tattoo soon..yeah!!!But yen( my tattoo artist) couldn't get what i meant about the design i wan..after searching for so many designs finally he's got what i want but I wan it to be special..A combination of japanese n western style tattoo...2 in's important cuz tattoo is on my body for my whole life!!!!

Yen was so confused about what i really wanted..haha..but luckily he gave me a cheaper price.
'how much u wana give me for a colour tattoo?"

"depends on the size and colour"

'I just want it to be smaller than my butter fly cuz wana have it on the upper back"

"i give u RM 100"

"So cheap??"
It's a MUST that he has to give me a cheaper price cuz I'm his regular customer...hehe..Forever regular customer!!!!!Cuz i trust him to let him do my tattoo!

Another hectic nite on wednesday!Not bz with clubbing but bz with food!!!We went for steamboat as a farewell party for our so-called Lee hom because he'll be going off for his tertiary studies soon..haiz~~~No more nonsense from u as usual anymore..yeah!!!We spent amot of time eating and eating and eating!!!
Food makes us full BUT eat makes us HAPPY!

Later at night,I was trying to make a long distance call to my 'ji mui' but it's always the damn irritating!!I then called to her sis's mobile and she said she was on the phone .
"It's not that you know her for the 1st time,you should know her....alot of things to an old woman"

"haha..yaya...I'll call her later on"

Just few minutes later,she called.We did talk for quite long cuz we always have many things to talk about.However,she's going to Taiwan for her studies.I wana go too but i'll be having a big problem in doing my work when i get to the uni in Taiwan.....because I can't really understand mandarin eventhough i was 'born' in a top chinese school in JB...haha...Wei harn then made a funny joke..
"You can do your work when you are asked to do yr report in more than 1000 words"i thought i'm so smart in mandarin!

"How????I cant even understand what they say"

"you do it in english while I translate for you"

"haha...i rather go ther n have my holidays!!!!"

So,we started to plan for our next HUGE gathering before everyone leaves.

We did talk about few best friends who had married and have their own children.
I salute one of them because she'd drop-out from school for a year cuz she was pregnant and didn't get to study.After that,she went back to school and continued her studies.NOW,she's in the top class!!!!COOL!!!!
But ,there's a problem keeps on playing in her mind.Her husband's educaton level is lower than her.So ,she thought that she would be look down on her husband when she's successful!But ,i believe that she can do the best for herself and her child!

Another thing is......Nixon is getting more good looking than last time!!!!He's the gals' admirer now!!!So jealous!!Sadly that he's a girlfriend...haha

oh ya!I kena lecture from my 'ji mui' cuz i told her about my tattoo..Haiz~~~Her dad has more tattoos than me but I pulak kena lecture..She thought of the future for me after having the tattoo...haha..thnx for yr caring!!!

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