Monday, May 14, 2007

Meaningless of my life!!!!

The happy-go-lucky JoAnn is in bad mood the whole day!!!!Never ever that she's like this for a few months after her heartbreak...

Honestly,i really don't know what's wrong with me the whole day.MOODY the whole day..all i could remember is words from my friends
"What's wrong with you???You seem moody the whole day."

"What problem has been playing in yr mind???You've never been like this before???"

All i could tell them was I don't think i'm ok today..Many things are playing in my way to get out of it...SHIT!!!!Somehow,i'm too tired of my life!!!!!Anger in my life makes me feel like killing someone especially the one who's been hurting me!!!!

And i hate my day so much today!!!!!I've forgotten to bring my ic for my MUET exam this morning...Called to mum's phone but she didn't even pick up the calls!!!!Anger in my mind!!!!I was late for the exam...It's important for my STPM!!!!No one answered the calls when i called home eventhough sis was at home skipping her exam today!!!

What's going wrong in my life?!?!?!?!?!?!?!My life's SUX!!!!

I'm BORED of my life!!I kept on asking my friends alot of STUPID questions.

"What's the best way to release my anger????"

'Get another tattoo????A short hairstyle???"

All they could answer was doesn't is painful to get a tattoo???
HELLO~~~~~~~I'm crazy k???Tattoo is not pain for me at all!!!So no point to ask me this!!!!
TATTOO is an art for me
I just wana get as many tattoos as I can.....Soon i will get my next tattoo!!!!

Sometimes just wana relax myself n let myself go for a holiday!!!!!!I've suffered enough in my life!!!!!

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