Friday, April 27, 2007

Another day of history in my life...I donated my blood for the first time..Yahoo!!!some of my friends were scared of it but I was too excited about it!!!!That's what my friends said to me...haha

Everything that I do which 'involved' needle for sure would be compared with me!!!haha..i wana find out tattoo is more painful or injection or donating blood??????
And the conclusion IS TATTOO IS FREE OF PAIN!!!!!!!!!haha.....Weird me!!!!

I'm proud that i'm qualified to donate my blood as I'm always the weakest one..geek..geek..geek...I can save someone's life with my blood!!!!!Hooray!!!!!

Stil have more to go...
My's nice to watch my blood flow in to it...haha..something new for me to watch
I'm ready!!!!!
needle in my hand..actualy it's not pain at all
waiting n waiting n waiting......someone outside need my blood

I'm done!!!!I'm officially a donater!

P/s:couldn't get to upload the video of this process cuz technical problem

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