Friday, September 21, 2007

My birthday 'EVE' VS Couz's wedding

I've just found out that my cousin will be holding his wedding on the 27th of Oct.
My birthday is on the 28th of Oct but of course I'll celebrate on the 27th la...because I wana celebrate with my Darling and my OFF THE HOOK friends.........Al-bar,Revon,Damien............But my Darling is my PRIORITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!And my God-bro~~Shaun!!!!!!!!!!!

Now,I'm thinking how am I gonna manage my time.Either absent from the wedding dinner or have to run both of the show.But my birthday celebration is still in the first place...hehe
I wana have nice nice dinner with my darling and treat Al-bar a meal as I've promised him..haha......Al-bar,you can list down everything that you wana eat because I'll pay for it.If You sakit perut after that then it's not my problem..haha.....

If I wana go for the wedding,then I have to buy a new gown again as I just only wear my gown once for every function.And right now I don't have idea what to wear.I rather spend the money for my gown on my friends..haha

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