Friday, September 28, 2007

Money~the problem

Today Econ paper is fucking SUX!!!!!!!!
Questions totally don't 'FIT' what the teacher has taught!!!!!!!!!!Fucking pissed off!!!!
Main tikam can already la.....haha

My aim is not to ace exam but my overall performance.As I've gone for my 'ba zi' fortune teller.He says that I HAVE INTELLIGENT!!!!!!haha!!!!This is what I've read in Reader's Digest.
Whatever it is,I've tried my best and something weird happened at the last minute during my paper.~I could write almost everything for the questions....but don't know whether the answer was right or wrong ...haha


Back to my financial topic.

Cousin's wedding is in next month;
My birthday;
Harn's belated birthday present to Taiwan

I'm gonna spent alot in October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Due to my darling's leaving in October,I've to celebrate my birthday's worth it for her!!!!!!!!!

Cousin's wedding~a new gown but haven't got the idea what style to wear!I've been to a boutique that sell dresses and i've fallen in love for few gowns..haha.....

Harn's belated birthday present~branded stuff as I've promised her!!!!!!!!That present gonna cost me few hundred bucks!!!!!!!!!!present+air fee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems like I have to spend my money wisely and make arrangement for that!!!!

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