Monday, October 08, 2007

Jo's advanced birthday celebration!

I've been busy these few days with loads stuff so didn't have the time to update my blog!

On sat,I've had a wonderful night with those wonderful people such as my darling,damien,al-bar,revon,ali,stefan,stella,sherlynn,jaz and so on(cant get to name all of them.sorry)

First,the 6 of us have gone for a dinner at a western food restaurant.We had a nice dinner though !!!hehe.....
When Damien arrived,the 1st thing he asked was how come didn't have cake at all!!!! ones thought of buying it and I don't hope for one all.
Then the table next to us was celebrating someone's birthday with a cake from Secret Recipe.So I suggested him to borrow the cake from them haha...But I told him I prefer the cake from a restaurant which next to Klan Concept.He said it's a Japanese restaurant but honestly everyone prefers there..haha... :)

No cake on my birthday is nothing big deal as it's bad luck for a 19 year old girl to cut a cake on her 19th birthday.PANTANG LA~~~~~~~
As long as i have u guys around then it's enough!!!

When I was footing the bill at the counter,al-bar and revon wanted to pay for me but I've promised to treat them dinner on my birthday .So,take yr money back guys!!!!!!!

his new style of dressing

After the dinner time,'DESSERT' was served!Our 'DESSERT' is always clubbing!!!haha..nothing else!
As usual,we club like crazy clubbers but this time darling and I didn't pass out!!!!It's our BREAKTHROUGH!!!Good job !!!!!haha

During clubbing.I told Stella that our gang always just the 3 of us(the gals)as the guys are always more than us.I think girls are getting extinct but not guys!!!!haha....

Guess what???I've bumped up with many of my highschool mates and one of them has a 8 month old baby!!!!OMG!!!!I can't believe it!!!Itold him i'm a single mother with 2 kids.He didnt believe it .

Him:'Don't lie to me la!Impossible you've given birth to 2 kids?'

Jo:'Why not??why are you so sure?'

Him:'You have a nice body n good figure.You look so slim!'

Jo:'I always go to gym wat.My body is important to me'

Him:'You see my wife(she was there too).She was so slim and was a model before she gave birth but now she's fat d!'

Jo:'you are so bad to say your wife like this!'

Him:'It's true wat!!!!Never mind.Wait for me and Ill marry the both of u!!!!'

Jo:'Now also can do that!'

Him:'Wait for me to divorce with my wife 1st k???'


We chit-chat for a while then ciao.He kept on saying he's happy to me and my friend as we 've never met for few years already.But he kept on asking me about my 1st few ex-boyfriend.Seems like he misses them more than I do..haha

Anyway,I've had loads of fun with my darling and the rest of them.

I wana say thank you to some of them:
~my darling for spending time with me
~al-bar,revon,damien and ali for the dinner
~flaming lamborghini from rainy(think the name is correct.haha)
~Dj Tokyo for the song!!!
~Sheldon for 'lending' me the feng shui cooling place at the console.haha

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