Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The 'funeral' look-alike dinner~

Ok,I hope this is the last dinner for me to attend in this sem.
*Someone will knock my head for saying that*

This time,I've got to have a table with my friends and have a proper dinner.

Cuz I was starving the whole night for my course dinner..
Emcee ma..had to sacrifice lo....

I was like a berserk an hour before departing to the hotel...
Ran to few friends' house to get STUFF!!!!!
....like eyeshadow brush,blush,lipgloss and blah blah blah......
And one of them borrowed stuff from me too..haha...at least I have preparation....

*she needs it just in case no guys send a warm hug when she's cold*haha...just joking.....

Kinda lots of my self-obsession cam-whore pixies..hehe:)

While waiting~~~~
Jo n soon ping.....
The more formal look one..haha
Then...we started to get obsess with this sofa...it's way too comfortable!!!!
I made it as my own house..haha
The close ones~

When we were registering at the counter,I just couldn't stop myself for peeking the deco of the ballroom..


I started to be a complaint queen because the deco was like 'hell ya'!!!

It's more to western funeral style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here it is...looks gloomy!!!!!!!

just sticked with the girls the whole dinner...no guys fancy me..haha
another cam-whore....while reading newspaper at the lobby...I keep myself update to the world outside even I was at a dinner.....

Table 13....black 13th!!!
It's supposed to be bad luck but guess what???
The grand prize of 2 days and one night complimentary stay lucky draw prize was taken away by our table!!!!
We have 2 winners for the lucky draw of the night!!!
Davina,jun,jo,karen and jiaxin
Jo and sharon....the future pretty teacher!!!!

The air-con in the ballroom was way too FREEZING!!!!
To keep my self warm,a candle light is better..hahah
I know it's nonsense!!!!
This perfect back and white is totally funeral atmosphere!
The dish...dislike the deco of the dish!!!
I know I complaint alot!!!!!
The fish fillet~
The part-time waitress.....sharon said I looked after of everyone so well during the dinner ..haha..i always do...
My request to ask for a nicer pic..haha
it's time to cam-whore in the ladies~

Karen and jo..see..she's skinnier than me so PLEASE don't say that I'm skinny!!!!!
Last pic b4 leaving..I always like to do that....haha

The journey back home was long.
Slept with my books after the dinner~

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