Sunday, April 05, 2009

Finals gonna start in 2 weeks time~
And I've started to prepare for it..heheh......
Accounting and financial management stress me up!!!!!!!

In one more month then I'll be back to my beloved home!
Gonna have a nice holiday!!!!!

List to do:
*Renew my passport-gonna be away again!
*Get a DSLR-still surveying
*Go for a holiday!
*Attend a friend's graphic design exhibiton in KL
*Have as many drinking sessions as I can with the gang
*Treat lil' josh a nice birthday celebration.
*Again treat my couz a meal cuz I lost in the bet with her..haha..2nd time!!!
*Get a new tatt!!!!!
*Be josh's teacher...haha...prepare for his mid-term exam!

I know there's still more to go but I can't remember it..hehe......

Gonna enjoy my holiday to the max!!!!
See you ppl soon!

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