Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm superb duperb DARN today!
People having study week and have their sweet time to prepare for finals BUT my Spanish oral test is on today!WTH?!
I was so worried since yesterday and couldn't have a good night sleep.:(
My brain stopped functioning during the oral session.I'm not the only friends were the same too.
I felt so stress and wanted to call someone but was thinking that maybe he had another midnight fishing session and a boat ride again and still sleeping..haha......
Therefore,I've decided to shop!
*it's not supposed to be in my list today*

My first stop----Coffee @ Starbucks!
It really worked to release my stress !!!
Next mission-----Shop for stuff that I love!
At least I've got my favourite Nepal style skirt and a top from MNG!
Better not to shop for too many things because I can't bring all back...

Still thinking when should I start packing my stuff cuz will be moving to another house start from next sem!
I have lots of stuff!!!!!!!

Can't wait to go home and get my surprise!!!!!!!!

Sometimes there's no turning back for what you've let go~
Don't try so's useless!
You're just someone hopeless to me now.

Was surprised that someone accepted my request on Facebook.

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