Sunday, April 19, 2009

I missed out the appreciation lunch at Manhattan Fish Market this noon because I preferred to sleep than eat!
My 'absence' led to many sms~es poured into my inbox!
When I was told about the venue last night,I kinda hesitated to join them for lunch because I don't really like FISH!
Moreover,my bed time is superbly upside down!
My house mates woke up at 7 am but I sleep at 7 am.COOL!

Woke up at 2 in the noon then had my lunch,sticked to econs book then went to SLEEP again until 9 pm!
I really can sleep mann!!!

Lil' Josh gave me a called this noon and it's kinda funny.
The call from him was just to inform me that he's gained weight!
That's all,then he put down the phone.
Later that when I was on the phone with mum,she told me Josh went for the weight thingy after his fast-food lunch!!!!

I got to ciao now....
Supposed to study but had to help a friend to do some online course registration thingy .
Gonna spend the whole midnight with my coffee~


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