Thursday, April 16, 2009

Current situation:Craving for food~

Woke up an hour ago....
I need to fix my bedtime as it's upside down!
5pm- 9 pm is my regular bedtime for now..haha...
Mum's like 'Are you ok ?'
I don't know what the heck is wrong with me now....
Too stress I think...
Have sleepless night...oops..supposed to be morning ..

Spanish paper was ok,
at least I've got to answer all the questions.
Some confusion for few questions.
Went for a jog this morning to make sure that I wouldn't be sleepy during my paper.

Today is awesome mann.
I've become a listener for my friends' problem.
Not one but 2..haha...
One is under a after break-up situation,
another one has just quit from his sux job.
I'm always there for u guys.

Sometimes I wonder why are there guys being such a jerk?!
He wanted a patch-up and the reason for patching up is way too
Whoever has benefits for him,he'll be a cheapskate and go with the girl!
A liar as him can never tell the truth but makes things worse.
I know you do say the same thing to the one who love you so much too.
I'm fallen out of love with you.
It's useless for saying that to me !
The few secs conversation with you last night really made me think that what you told me was ridiculous!
You just think,will I ever give up everything because of you?!
There's no such thing in my dictionary!

My honey Minyin called me just now.
Guess what?
Yeanyeon was showing off that she's having tequila....
Ass hole!!!!!!!
But I wasn't seduced by her cuz I'm way too hungry and more over I only drink tequila with my partner!!!!!haha....

Ciaoz for my dinner and spend the whole midnight with my books!

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