Thursday, April 02, 2009

Update:The 'holiday'!!!!

Went to the island with Mlc gang early in the least this is the first time I've got to spend my free day with some activities instead of meetings,assignments and blah blah blah.

We went to 2 islands!!!!!!!!!!!

our tour guide
jo n krishan~

The singles for the day~

mamutik island~
jo and arif

The scuba-doo
Here's much much nicer than mamutik island
The arrival @ pulau manukan

The Jesselton port
My hair was 'TANGLED' up!!!!!!

It's time for dinner!!!
Got home at 4pm and had a nap until 6pm........
Supposed to go to the pasar malam at my campus but it was raining like cats and dogs!!
Then,Aaron ajak to join them for dinner!!!!!
I was amazed by this!!!!!!!!

Thai style japanese's really special!!!!
lichea and aaron...
pang,jo and krishan
Deer meat!!!!My first time eating it..taste like chicken!!!haha.....
The crabs!!!!!!
The sabah vege......

Lotus leaf rice instead of white rice for the dinnerThe twin style's delicious!!!!
The lotus leaf rice....
This fish is superb fresh mann!!!!!yummy!!!!

The loving couple!!!!
Charles& and inhaler!!!!!hahaha
They finished the crabs!!!!
Too desperate for cigratte..haha
Krishan was luaghing at me while I cam-whore infront of the mirror
The amont for the dinner!!!!!RM340.00~

After our seafood dinner,we headed to the club!!!
It's my first time clubbing in Sabah .
Believe it or not????BELIEVE IT!!!

BED is the wide known club in KK and even studio C had its event here..........
The moment I stepped into the club......The interior design is almost the same as Arena in Malacca!!!!
BUT,their band in BED is superb!!!!!
DJ sux!!!!
Eric and amy
Sze ting and her bf
Sisha and liquor!!!!
He's in heaven with sisha and liquor!!!!
The aliens while clubbing!!!!haha....
This is the 1st glass of flamming lambhorgini.....

Guess what?Someone spilled the 1st glass of flamming lambhorgini as he didn't realise that he's drunk enough and couldn't manage to flame it up!!!!!
So,ordered 2nd glass......
it's dirt cheap!!!!
The cute-cum-innocent one
Here's the atmosphere of the club...much much better than Arena in Mlc...especially the band!!!
benny and moi
The last one what Krishan said..
The complaint king...haha....

'Unfortunately',I havoc in their room until 6 in the morning..haha....pity you guys!!!!!

I had sleepless night for 23 hours and had to go for archery early in the morning...

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