Friday, April 10, 2009

A 19 hours of sleep!!!!!!
I just couldn't believe that I've done it!OMG!!!

Got home at 3 in the noon yesterday and straight headed to catch a nap but I just didn't expect that I could sleep till the next morning!
My mood was down after felt disappointed by my accounting result.
However,I've got a good start for yesterday morning even though I was suffering on the night before to RE-DO some members' work for the presentation!
Compliments from my lecturer about the Entrepreneurship presentation and he said luckily I've saved the situation!
Moreover,he suggested me to join the Toastmaster club.:)
The real situation about the presentation was I only found out what did I really have to present just 20 mins before the presentation!Cool ya!!!haha...
Me myself also couldn't believe it!
Anyway,I just did the presentation as the way I always do it.


Talked to mum this morning about my result and I was so worried that I kinda let her down but she encouraged me alot for that and kept telling me to try my best as I have no basic for Accounting.
Thanks Mum!

And thanks dear Jaiio for the advice!

My sincere best wish for a friend who's going for his scholarship interview tomorrow.
Don't worry!
I'll keep you in my prayer always!
Bueno Suerte!

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