Saturday, March 15, 2008

the trip in Sarawak

During the half month in Sarawak is not totally fun at all!!!!!

Happy to leave here and fly to Sarawak was the beginning but the happiest was the ending to come back!!!!!!!!!

All of us were excited to go to Sarawak for our job just right before we left.But everything's changed when we have to take chicken rice as our breakfast,lunch and dinner for the 1st week as everywhere's selling salad chicken rice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We then started to miss the food in malacca and that's the time we realised that malacca is the best!!!!!!!

he shows his face in the pic!!!!
looking happy to get out of KL...haha
looking excited to leave here
looking smart to get into the plane...haha

We didn't have any activities on the 1st day we reached.The guys planned to go for a body massage on the 1st night so I had to tagged along as I was the only girl and had no choice at all.But,I only went for the foot massage...haha.......It's painful though.Before that lady started to do the massage,she asked me this in her China accent:

Lady:'Have you done any foot massage before?'

Jo:'Yup.Only the foot massager'

Lady:'This is gonna be much much painful than the foot massager'

Jo:'Really r?'(Don't care la...just try 1st)

It was pain like hell but I just could bare it...haha...Anyway,the guys enjoyed the massage more than me!!!!!!!!!!!!

his~a guy's baggage is always more neat than mine..haha

It's the 1st day for us to start working!!!!!!We've waken up early in the morning for work!!!!The 1st day ma............................

But I've found out that the people there are way too friendly though.
no more sexyback
he looks smart
God of Gamble version 1

No sleep tonight!!!!!!!!While I was sleeping soundly the other night,someone started to take photo of me and this has waken me up to take picture of them...haha......

he loves this.........
their late night activity
the 'FUCK' version....haha
they are watching PORN!!!!!!!!!!!
the unwilling face to take a photo
half naked...hehe
sexy belly.....haha......he's a pro model mann!!!!

Just before the last few days for us to go back,Jesley 's taken us to a place for fishing as the guys wanted to fish!!!!!The place is a wholly SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!
They didn't fish in the end!!

the skinniest horse I've ever seen...haha
still the same even though I've packed it
the 1st time a guy packed his baggage....haha

Finally,we've got to escape from the chicken rice disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!
On that night,we've gone for a nice western food dinner at a restaurant.The place was ABSOLUTELY nice for dinner!!!!They have nice decoration!!!!The atmosphere was damn nice mann!!!!!

my food....look nice with some candle lighting..haha
me myself n i
I've fallen in love with the deco at the restaurant

It's just because of we sort of activity,this is the funny one!!!!!!!
Jeff was the victim for the mummy making....haha
the maker of the mummy...haha
the mummy version 1

the mummy version 2
the mummy version 3

Here came anothr night of drinking and I think almost all of us were drunk that night!!!!haha.....
Edward was the pro model for my photo shooting session!!!!!!!!!
He's HOT!!!!!
pro model...haha.....he's drunk
The 'WANTED' models..haha
I took this picture without their permission right after we've got back from drinking..haha

The last night at Sarawak!!!!!!!!
So,we've planned for a birthday celebration for Jesley !
Steamboat was their 1st choice and the place has almost all the seafood there!!!!!!
It's all meat!!!I didn't even see much vege there...haha.......

But before that,she brought us to a friend's place to buy the original bird nest and get some discount...haha.....

before dinner
the bird nest
the expensive one

the cheapest birdnest but the nicest one
This is the one that attracted my attention
the bird nest seller~the lady boss.She gave good offer~A nice woman
our food
the steamboat

This is the 1st time that I see a birthday girl busying tang photos
her birthday cake
Now only I know guys do know to cut a cake...haha....
the prawn eater during the dinner...haha
jo n the birthday gal~jesley

Our next destination was the Malaysia-China Frienship Park.
my best skill cuz the Cheng Ho is way too huge
Cheng Ho-the trademark of the park
this idiot was trying to ruin the Cheng Ho statute
my hometown but this picture shows me in Sarawak..haha

the sideview of Cheng ho.
A nice place always makes a picture looks nice

the entrance of the M'sia-China Friendship Park

This place used to be a nice restaurant for drinking

God of Gamble~version 2
the 2 monkeys who played non-stop even though at night..haha
I don't understand how come a nice architecture ends up looking like this?!?!?!?
few hours before departure
This is how my baggage looked like even though it was the last day

The last day in Sarawak!
We woke up at 6 in the morning just to go to a temple which located in a fully malays' village.
chingsan yan
stairway to heaven
early in the morning
the unique of the temple~facing the sea and located in a pure malays village.There's no chinese family
I took this picture cuz Edward said this plant looks like a posture of a human being
the entrance of the chingsan yan
here comes the cam-whoring
the 'luo han'
me behind of the 'luo han' of the monks
the dragon
I love the architecture of the temple...unique n nice
the explanation of the gold feet of the Buddha~it's a grandmother story though

the right gold foot of the Buddha
the left foot of the Buddha
the stone map of the temple
the new way to commit suicide
'I've been here'~the proof
my baggage just few hours before going back.This is the result after packing up everything.

The end @ Sarawak!!!!!!!!
Finally i've got to be in Malacca to eat nice food!!!!!!

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