Monday, February 11, 2008


Here are the photos during chinese new year!

1st day
As usual,the 1st day of chinese new year is the the day I become a maid..haha.....

the early in the morning picture of me

with my pretty couz
my smart smart couz
the hyper-active one

Josh wants the lion dance to come every chinese new year and it's his favourite!So what to do????For sure dad always fulfill his wish!!!!

she's has beautiful eyes!

On the night of the 1st day of chinese new year,our gang've planned to club till we drop!haha....guess what???We did club till we drop cuz of alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just love her
the office ladies
jaz n jo
she just kept on asking ppl to drink the whole night!!!

2nd day of CNY
mademoiselle cam-whore session
jo n aaron
cousins potrait
the jo family
sis n bro

family pic

Later then,we've gone to Sepang to attend grandaunt's birthday dinner.

sis n couz
lovely couple.....

she just likes to disturb her bro
josh's expression when he didnt get to eat ...hungry~~~

the cake
mum n I with grandaunt and granduncle


my niece~~~~she's pretty n adorable
the baby with her mummy
Charlotte and jo...the 1st pic together

jo n hong

singing birthday song~
cutting the cake session

After cutting the cake,here came the photographing session.

It was late night and it's time for us to start our journey back home~MISS U GUYS!!!!!!!!

3rd day of CNY

Gathering with my 1st high school old friends !We do this on the 3rd day of cny every year..hehe..
angeline n ivain
jo,angeline and ivain
the 4 best friends in high school
jo n ivain


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