Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Homemade Annual Dinner

the scene before our best cook started his work..haha

let me intro abt this guy:A good bullier,a bad guy,a talkative guy and blah blah blah..haha..he's MR.JEFF TAN HENG SIONG!

this is the circumstances of quick snap
Mr.Jeff took this stupid pic of me...hehe

And now,here's the menu of the night:

chicken curry-Spicy to the max!!!!!
the jelly-it's damn difficult to cut it mann!!!!!!

he's trying to be a hero..haha

the chef....took this without his permission..haha
fried mee,fried bee hoon and of cuz the abalone
here's the dish of the night~abalone
nice decoration

this is nice...cuz i only ate this..haha
he used the paperbag from Parkson to light up the charcoal..haha...

He's ABSOLUTELY a good cook and it's undeniable that he's the chef from Shangri la Hotel and other five stars hotel!!!!

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