Monday, October 11, 2010

I do have an older sis too,ok?

She's the one who makes me feel the love of being loved by a BIG sis.

We finally met after 10 yrs..............

When I was in primary one,she's the one who took care of me as a younger sister.
She would help me to take my super HEAVY school bag from the school hall to my class room.
I was happy to see her every morning in school especially when she waited for me.

I always asked my parents to buy an extra piece of cake for her whenever my parents brought me to the bakery the night before schooling day.
She's always in my mind whenever I wanted to get something for myself.

And finally,I've got to meet her.
Not in my 2nd hometown-JB but in Kota Kinabalu,Sabah!
I was so looking forward to meet her when she told me that she's coming to KK!

Oh ya,here's a little story about how I found her after so many years.
It was so random that I started to type her full name in Facebook.
I found the name but there're so many users in Facebook with the same name.
So I just click the top search and sent her a message in FB.
And it's HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Super excited to the max!

She's still the same ol' her.
Bubbly, pretty and kinda crazy as before.
No changes at all.Except that she's engaged!
Am happy for her.

Even though the time we spent together in KK was short but it's the best thing ever!

With lots of love,

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