Friday, November 28, 2008

The unplanned Wednesday~

Lil' josh has been bugging me to bring him out since the day I came back.He's even cleverer when he knows that I've got my salary.Include my sis too!
They are just so 'GOOD' in making me declaring 'BANKRUPTCY' .

I always reward him if he's obedient enough.haha....
But he's a good boy when I'm at home as I'm the BIG SIS!He must listens to me!!!!

I've bought few clothes at a stock clearance price!!!It's not about the trend is on but the clothes that I like!
That's why my friends are so jealous at me for grabbing sales items!
I don't care if it's out-of-date as long as I have ideas to make it look good on me!!!!

Something funny happened.When lil' Josh demanding for a toy from mum,I was smart enough to convince him not to buy it.
"You want a toy or you want to eat?"
Guess what?He quickly put down the toy and said that he wanted to have food..haha...
Anything can be solved with him as long as it involves FOOD!

And here so sis started her cam whore session!

Josh is always annoyed to cam-whore with sis
A better shot from her!
see Josh's expression!He didn't even give a damn!
She's always got caught with this act..haha

And she started to take me as her 'tool' for cam-whoring~~~~

I was annoyed enough....

Next,she asked mum to take a pic~

Bursting laugh from mum as sis asked mum to pose like
She asked mum to pretend drinking her coffee!!!WTH?!?!?!
See my sis's lips!
I *heart* black & white!
Cutie Josh!
We have nothing better to do!
Then Josh insisted me to take a pic of his Nike sneakers!
The 'classic' picture which shows my BUNNY tooth!

The last pic sis 's taken before I asked her to stop cam-whoring!!

p/s:I've collected my new contact lenses just few hours before my couz's wedding and I was shocked to see the effect of the colour after wearing it.It's HONEY but it looks like FIRE RED!OMG!!!But luckily it looks good after few days..haha...
*The consequence of buying it without testing each of the colour as I was away in Sabah*

Clubbing night on Wednesday!
I kept changing my mind to go or not to go as a friend of mine seemed so desperate to club !

We went to the club for the music and the cocktails!
But ended up with beers~
And the 1st time ever I taught a guy the right way to drink a tequila shot!

Too much beers make me falling sick now!!!!

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