Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Late post!

've been too busy during the whole week and didn't get to update the post a.s.a.p!
Always busy with lots of activities after work and got home too 'EARLY'!

I love this clubbing night as someone's got to make it even though she's owned by someone!!!
She's still the same ol' her before and after marriage!

Honestly,nowadays ,those are married have more freedom than those are in a relationship.We have example by someone in our life!!!!
*not crappin'*

A night full of alcohol!
Flaming Lamborghini~

I love this!
She's always by my side~
The night she had beers~ok,she drinks liquor but not beers~
She's still the same~~~~~~
the trilo~one has disappeared!!!!
I just love her mann~~~~
Sherlynn and cathy~
Krishna and moi~Thnx for yr compliments~you have loads of compliment for me...haha..surprise to see me like this right?!?!?!?!?!?

I bumped into loads of familiar faces during the whole night and that's the feelings I've been finding once I've got home.Home sweet home is always the best!!!!

p/s:I met with few ass hole guys inside and outside of the club!Damn fucking shit!!

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