Monday, November 24, 2008

My resting day after a week of work!

Finally the day for me to have enough rest and SLEEP!!!!

Be a log is my habit!!!!

Spent my time updating my blog once I woke up while waiting for someone to call me to get my salary.So,I went to get it at around 3 something.It's quite hectic for me as I've got to set off to Port Dickson to attend my cousin's wedding at 4.30p.m.

Cash in hand!!!!Damn excited!!!
And I've spent RM XXX once I've got it.OMFG!
I was informed that they will be going for 'ikan bakar' for dinner!!!!I can't make it!!!!!!!
No postpone as some of them got to go back to KL tomorrow.
Btw,I've got extra incentive for my good performance for the whole week.
Everyone kept complimenting me during the week.
Even the lady boss was kinda surprised that I could handle any situation when everyone's busy.Actually my job wasn't only doing sales but also as a helper for the lady boss..haha...
It was fun working with that bunch of gang!!!
Will update some pics soon as we took it while we were way too free.

And here's my couz's wedding!
I was so damn bored at the dinner as most of my cousins are far far away from M'sia but at least there's a close couz to chat with.We always do that when we meet and have loads of stuff to talk about!

on the way~with my lil' couzie

We reached Port Dickson quite early so my aunt and mum suggested to grab some 'food'!
I don't know what should I call it.......

This is the stuff I was talking about!

Cam-whore while waiting for the aunties~

The naughty ones~
Sis & bro~
Sis kept asking me to cam-whore with her...her habit!!!!

The kids~

with our couzy~

Get irritating with sis's phone~I miss my phone so much!!!!
The last cam-whore~

p/s:I was so damn terrible when my grandaunt spoke to me as I can't understand Hok Chew language!!!All my couzins can understand except my sis and I .In the nick of time,I quickly grab my mum to translate for me AND OF COURSE to answer what my grandaunt asked.

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