Monday, August 25, 2008

Feeling down :(

Everything is not going with the flow recently.

And I've only found out that I've given someone emptiness instead of happiness and all this while he's giving me the happiness which I've been looking for since a year ago.
I'm a person who keeps things for myself ...Maybe this is because I'm being so 'EGO' and neglected the one with me.I'm selfish enough!

My past has made me someone strong and I'm trying not to remember about it at all BUT I've done something as a memory for me.It's forever!
I'm always waiting for the right time to tell you the truth but I just didn't have the guts as my past has made me lost my confidence!

Maybe you've love the wrong girl in your life.

You make the decision,I should respect it!

I screwed up everything in my life!
This is the reason why my happy times with someone is just a short -term.

Kinda bad luck in this year Chinese 7th month once I've got back to Malacca.

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