Monday, August 25, 2008

The UPDATE:The day before I left Malacca~

Met up with my couz in the noon after lunch with my mum because she wanted to buy a high heels!!!It's high heels,ok???
When I asked her what for to buy a new high heels,she just simply said that for casual.
This is surprising though as she seldom...or maybe rarely wear high heels out!

Ok,back to the topic.Once I stepped into MNG,I could see few human beings ss-ing with the cam.Especially Wheat!!!!Haha.....

Here are some GROUP pics!

collin,soon ming,michelle,wheat,jo and jolene

After Jolene(my couzy) had bought her heels,we headed to old town for our tea time.The weather was freaking cold but most of us still had the cold drinks!

As usual,the ppl were so busy being a 'BUSYBODY' and gossiping about the others...haha!

Then,I've forgotten who suggested to go for movie.
We took loads of photos all the way up to GSC!

We went to watch 4BIA.Damn scary lar!!!!!

I shouted at the beginning of the movie!OMG!!I've never done that before whenever I watch horror movies.What's wrong with me?

*anyway,I shouted the loudest in the cinema*

The funny part was,I asked my couzy 'Can we go back now?'Half way through the movie.

How could I freak out?It's just soooooo not ME!

And here's the first night that I clubbed with my 'good girl' couzy!

The last night for me to club just few hours before I took off to the airport.

here are the not ready ppl!

nice shot!Good skill,collin!
was forced to go mann..haha
collin,jo and jo
the smiley ones
the saddy ones

our first official photo together!

act cute 1
act cute 2

The highlight of the night!Pure bar didn't hire her to dance on the dj console ,ok???

She's a volunteer!!!!
Another coyote ugly?!?!?Better not mann!!!!!!

Soon ming 's given loads of 'good' comments about her!!!Haha.....

good skil face disappeared!collin and moi...the so-called umbrella of the night!

It was nice to dance with Chris!He's the one who took advantages on everyone!No matter guys or girls!

I was one of the victims on that night!

Found out some nice comments in wheat's blog!

Here it goes:

'Like usual,Jo ann and Soon ming danced like siau poh!'

'Collin has to be an umbrella as he's to tall to dance'

She's bad enough la...

Anyway,my couz really danced but she felt blur once she's got out of the club!Sorry!!


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