Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thumb up!

Thumb up for my marketing presentation today!

Feel kinda satisfied about it even though I had to do the presentation when I'm so ill!
The tutor was so satisfied with our job.
Ok,we didn't know that we've done such a good job for it as I know that my answer for the question was kinda 'out of the topic' but as long as he's satisfied then ok lar...haha

No preparation for me at all before the presentation!
Was kinda shocked when I found out that I have to elaborate everything by myself and there's just 2 simple points on the slide!OMG!
ILL+NO PREPARATION+HALF WAY DYING=gonna screw up my presentation!

Luckily,everything goes with the flow!

I think I'm gonna screw up my mid-term on tomorrow!
Have to burn the midnight oil!

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