Friday, August 22, 2008

What a day...Haiz

Went for breakfast together this noon!
Actually it was my BREAKFAST+LUNCH.

Finally ,I've got to eat the best Bak Kut Teh!
It's pork,I know.No harm.
I know that I didn't really look after my diet when I'm back.
It's just so delicious to the max!

Miss Jazlyn has done something 'lame'.How could she ask that to the lady boss's daughter?
'You come here and eat?'
OMG!I was like WTH?!
They know her la....but no one really likes her cuz of her 'ego'.
Couldn't blame her for forgetting the girl's identity!
haha......We're evil enough though!

Hang out at my cousin's place this noon.
His German shepherd is growing taller and taller.No attacking this time!
I mean for me only cuz it was active enough to jump on me the first time I met it.

A boring day for me~

Cherlin is back to her uni life ~I'm the last one 'AGAIN'!

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