Friday, August 22, 2008

The best dinner ever-eat till we drop!

Late night dinner at 10.30.Cool huh??
These people really don't bother about their diet and health at all!Ala.....At least I did eat till I die.I don't care!
I'm satisfied even if I die during my solo travel trip at the place which I love so much!

Satay celup here we come!!!!No tourists to bring this time.Only the locals!
However,not to 'ashamed' ourselves as locals,I went there as a Sabahan.The further among all of us..haha....

while queuing up....the lesbians always!
love this!
see his face,see her face!!!!the one in blue is a female ,k?
jaz-the so-called innocent one!
I know you guys standing behind me just to make me look 'OUTSTANDING'..tsk tsk!
everyone loves the coconut!
see,her bf so good!Help her to 'korek' the coconut!

My art of work!I'm the winner!
Her art of work!the loser!
the bestest guy that u can't find nowadays!
the yummy part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the end of our late night dinner

We headed to 'mamak' after that!
I smelled of alcohol during our dinner and super strong smell of medicine!What the heck was wrong with me?
The worst thing-whenever I go for sure there's someone who's calling my name but I could see no one or the ones that I know!!!!It's true!!!!
Cathy could feel the same too.

Ky is so SURPRISED that I drove to dinner last night!She's always surprised whenever I drive.
Halo!I'm not a reckless driver ,ok?Maybe sometimes!........haha......

To my dear Miss YanFun,think wisely before you want to challenge me.You're in my car so for sure you would lose!Gonna bring you to the club the next time you're in my car!!!!!!!!

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