Friday, August 29, 2008

A close-up with Gary Chow!

Was having dinner with Suhui at a HongKong style Restaurant.I still don't really know the name of the restaurant even though I've been there for few times.
We were sitting near the entrance so whoever walked in for sure would catch my attention.
It's undeniable that I'm a busybody!

And just after I've finished my breakfast a.k.a lunch,a group of people walked in and they did REALLY catch my attention.They don't look like locals and there was a guy who really looked like a celebrity.It's Gary Chow!(is his name spelled right?)

This has proven that my observation is good!
We were eating in the same restaurant!
I could really recognize him and something reminded me that he'll be here on Saturday countdown party.(I know about it through the concert ticket which was given by a friend)

One more thing,I don't mis~recognize people.
Only my sis does!

And this time,I'm so sure that's him!
I love his songs so much ESPECIALLY the song entitled 'BETRAY' .Ok,I can sing that song ,ok?
I can read Mandarin!!!!

Both of us were excited to the max!!!!
At least something had made my day even though I was so tired and having a headache!

Here's the pic!!!!!
He's friendly to the max!

I don't need a VIP access pass to meet him in private!Haha.....

Here's the place where you can meet many popular celebrities!

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