Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm not doing good now!

My health is getting worse!
I just can't figure out the reason that's making my asthma getting more serious.I don't drink cold beverage as before anymore !
I mean once I've come back here.Ok,i only had it today.
But it's started to attack few days back.

Sometimes it just makes me lost and I really don't know what should I do?
I've cried over it because it made me couldn't gasp for air and it's so difficult.

It started to get more serious after my accident 2 yrs back and it made me have to rely on 2 inhalers.It's ridiculous though!
Ok,I had asthma since I was 6 but it was just a slight one.

It's supposed to be recovering as I didn't really depend on my inhaler.
But everything is turning back that I need my inhaler whenever I go.
The worst thing is the inhaler doesn't seem to work for me anymore!!!!

What should I do?
Get a doctor?Nah...I'm kinda scared!
Get another inhaler?

I don't wana suffer like this at all!

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nana said...

take good care on ur health !