Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm so happy to be home especially wake up early in the morning and go for breakfast with mummy.

At 10 in the morning, I accompanied mum to the salon to get her haircut and I 'tumpang' to trim my hair too.
FYI, never ever let a stranger hairdresser to touch yr hair!! I was in disaster but not mum!And the price is suck!!!

We went for my favorite fried kueh teow stall in town. The uncle is my best friend's dad and he always fried the best kueh teow! He's been working as the famous kueh teow 'fryer' for more than 20 years.

Mummy's rock hairstyle.She looks younger though.

Mixed fish balls, siew mai, fried yam paste and popiah.

My favorite. It is not too oily as the others and the price is reasonable. Only for us!
It's only RM 2.50 with prawns!!!

Mum is always busy as the intermediary in selling cookies during Chinese New Year.
She helped her old friend to sell the home-baked cookies.

The unbaked cookies...took this shot while waiting for mum........

After picking up Josh from school, we started our Chinese New year shopping mission.
That was the time everyone of us bought our clothes as mum wanted to wait for me to be home and shopped together.

Baby Josh with his rootbeer!

The 1st fastfood restaurant-A&W!!!
Love the rootbeers!!!!!!

Me........Dressed super colourful that day as I *heart* the big flower hair deco so damn mucho!!!

Dinner @ The Classic Chicken RiceShop.

Baby Josh and mum
Daughter and mother

Spotted this beautiful lamp while waiting for food.

My dinner-best french toast in town.

Baby Josh with the lotuses.......................

Went to the newly opened Jusco and visited sis while she was working.
Fooled her with a question when she asked me to pretend as a customer.
Sis is superb innocent. :)
Us .........................

I was so mad angry after I untied my hair as the hairdresser trimmed it too much!!!!!!!

From now onwards, Meglio is my only choice!!!!

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