Thursday, August 30, 2007

Love of a 7 year old boy to a girl~romantic though!

Josh:'sis,let me show u something.'


Josh:'taaadaaa...this is the one.This is me n lim xue rong'

Josh likes this gal and he told me about it one day..haha.....

Jo:'Boy,tomorrow u go to school n give it to her then tell her u like her'

Josh:'crazy la u.I don't want!'

Jo:'haha...go la...then ask her nice o not?'

Honestly,his drawing is eactly as the same as my sis......human looks like bird..haha.....

A 7 year old boy could fall in love at this young age...haha...nowadays kids are too matured!HAIZ~~~~~

this is the one~
josh's drawing~
i asked him to pose with his art of work..haha

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